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Beyond the Bows and Bow Ties: The Baby Clothes You Actually Need

Baby clothes: it’s easy to be overtaken by the cuteness overload. There are so many accessories for babies – just look at the bows, tutus, headbands, bow ties, suspenders – and the list goes on. You aren’t alone, which is why so many parents overspend when purchasing baby clothes. But, what do you really need to appropriately dress your baby? Not much! At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is to ensure baby is dressed comfortable, safe, and weather appropriate.

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Gifts for Preschoolers Holiday 2016 #DmHoliday16

There are so many toys on the market for preschoolers today, and we’re bombarded with even more via commercials, flyers, and ads around the holidays. Here at Daily Mom, we know it can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating to choose toys that are current without being quick money-wasting fads, so we took the guesswork and stress out of shopping for your preschooler this holiday season. We’ve hand-selected our favorite toys, games, and clothing from brands we love and trust, and compiled a gift guide of things you won’t feel guilty about giving your little ones!

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Gifts for Baby: Holiday 2016 #DMHoliday16

Earlier this year, you welcomed a new baby into your family. Before that baby arrived, you likely celebrated with showers and gifts. Babies are so easy to shop for, right? But, now that the baby is here, what do you give for Christmas? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that will make moms and babies alike smile from ear to ear. Read on to find out what baby gifts are in for Christmas 2016.

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Add Some Punch To Your Child’s Wardrobe with Hiho Batik

Add Some Punch To Your Childs Wardrobe with Hiho Batik SS2014 2

Looking to kick up your child’s wardrobe this spring and summer? Then look no further than Hiho Batik clothing and accessories! This Brookyln-based company offers unique clothes made in batik style. Hiho Batik offers edgy prints in bright, beautiful colors for both boys and girls, as well as babies, children, and even adults. Read on for a look at their 2014 Spring/Summer designs as well as more about the brand.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Polarn O. Pyret and thredUP

Happy Earth Day! This year we would like to focus on one particular industry that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves when it comes to recycling and sustainability: clothing & textiles. How can you help both the Earth and your wallet? First, consign your clothes! ThredUP is a popular online consignment and one of our favorite kids clothing lines, Polarn O. Pyret, has partnered with thredUP to offer store credits for consigned items. Second, donate all other textiles (not just clothes) to a place that will recycle the textiles rather than send them to a landfill. Read on for more details on both!

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Kate Quinn Organics – Pure, Natural Luxury


Your baby, with their sensitive, soft skin and energetic antics, deserves to be clothed in the safest, most comfortable fabrics imaginable. And, they should be able to look fashionable at the same time! Kate Quinn Organics offers a line of fashion-forward, irresistibly soft, certified organic cotton clothing that you can feel good dressing your little one in.

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Easy DIY Baby Laundry Detergent


You can help protect your baby’s skin by laundering his clothes with detergent containing just the most basic ingredients. That means without questionable additives like sodium laurel sulfate (which shows up even in many baby detergents) or other possible irritants. Plus, making your own detergent is quick and cheap! Check out the recipe and tips below to make laundry day greener.

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Meet All Of Your Child’s Needs With Kushies

Kushies takes the guess work out of parenting. Kushies supplies every product you need to get your child through a day. They make the toothbrush that will touch their teeth first thing in the morning and the pajamas that will keep them comfortable throughout the night. You no longer need to shop countless numbers of brands when you know Kushies makes a safe product for your child.

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