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Tips & Tricks for Dealing with an Uncommon Food Allergy

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It seems as though food allergies have become more and more prominent in children in recent years. There are the obvious ones that most people are aware of – nuts, shellfish, and dairy. But there are others that are not on most parent’s minds, especially when feeding their baby food for the first time. Those are fruit and vegetable allergies. When you are a parent to a child with an uncommon food allergy, the discovery of this allergy can be terrifying. Most parents are prepared for reactions to highly allergenic foods like nuts and strawberries, but what if it’s something like bananas? Or apples? Allergic reactions can range from mild – hives, rashes, and skin irritations – to severe like anaphylactic shock. Once you have the reaction under control, your mind will race to what’s next to help manage this allergy and if any other allergies are abound. Below are some tips and tricks to help deal with uncommon food allergies.

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Feeding Baby on the Go: 6 Healthy Snack Options

This post brought to you by Sprout Organic Foods. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Daily Mom.

Every parent wants to make the best choice when it comes to providing their children with a healthy and wholesome diet. But busy lifestyles often take over, and parents find themselves packing their kids with easy-to-grab processed snacks and foods. For babies and young toddlers, this often means expensive snacks with little to no real nutritional value. As parents, we all want the option to give our children healthy foods with ingredients we can pronounce, especially when we are on the go. But there are so many different options out there it can be hard to decide which ones are best.

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Daily Mom Spotlight: An Easier Way to Make Your Own Baby Food by Baby Brezza

If your baby is six months old (or older), you may be thinking that it’s time to start playing with solid foods, but where do you start? 

While there are many healthy pre-made options available at your local grocer (organic included), homemade baby food is the way to go if you want to know exactly what is going into your baby’s mouth. Unfortunately for many new parents, the idea of making your own baby food is often just too daunting. 

With that in mind, today we’re introducing an easier way to make your own baby food with the Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker. Not only does this baby food maker bring healthy homemade pureed food to your baby’s mouth in minutes, but its one-of-a-kind, patented features take all the hassle out of creating delicious, wholesome purees for your child by automatically blending food after steaming. It’s so easy, we’re wondering why we ever considered spending a dime on jarred baby food. 

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Make your own baby food: No special equipment required

What do you do when you had your heart set on making your baby’s food at home, but you didn’t get that fancy baby food maker you so eagerly put on your registry? 

You make it anyway. No special baby food making equipment needed! 

Today’s tutorial for making your own baby food utilizes single foods that are best steamed prior to puree: carrots (one of our favorites), squash, broccoli, spinach, greens, whole peas, green beans and so many more. Read on for all the details!

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Baby-Friendly Homemade Split Pea Soup

Baby-Friendly Homemade Split Pea Soup

Babies are people too. And their tastebuds grow and crave more intricate textures, consistencies and flavors as quickly as they do. Just because they’re new to this world, doesn’t mean they won’t quickly develop a taste for the finer things in life – finer than sweet potato puree, that is. If your baby is getting bored with her one-ingredient purees and is ready for a more textured food that will tickle her taste buds, we have the perfect recipe for a smooth and successful introduction to the world of soups. This good old-fashioned split pea soup recipe will become a favorite of not only baby’s but your entire family.

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Babymoov: Innovative Feeding Products

Babymoov - Innovative Feeding Products

As parents we strive to raise our children with tender loving care, while juggling a million other tasks on a daily basis. In the midst of everyday life efficiency becomes a top priority in each task we attend to. That is why we are so thankful for companies like Babymoov! Babymoov designs the most sleek and innovative products to nourish your baby from birth through the toddler years. Part of what makes Babymoov such an incredible company is that they collaborate with “pediatricians, midwives, osteopaths, nurseries and, perhaps most importantly, mothers.” All of Babymoov’s feeding products boast beautiful designs, simplicity beyond belief, and convenient cooking and cleaning times. 

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Nutribaby by Babymoov Giveaway

If you have dreams of making your own baby food, but feel overwhelmed by it, we have just the multitasking device for you! The Nutribaby by Babymoov is the first of Babymoov’s innovative products to arrive in the U.S. This award-winning food processor, is an amazing five-in-one tool that allows you to warm, sterilize, defrost, steam and blend foods and features a digital screen for easy set-up of the functions. This multitasking machine can do the work of 5 devices and will make it so incredibly simple to make healthy homemade foods for your little one, right in your own kitchen- and we are giving one away!

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Fermenting: Recipes for Baby Led Weaning

Fermenting BLW

In previous posts we have gone into depth about the benefits of having fermented foods in one’s diet. Now we would like to talk specifically about fermented foods for babies and for Baby Led Weaning. If you are a fan of  Baby Led Weaning and have used or are planning to use this method of introducing solids, you may be wondering which foods are most beneficial to include in your baby’s diet. The best answer is to choose super foods, and fermented foods fall into the super food category. A great benefit of introducing fermented foods into your child’s diet is that it makes the transition from breast milk to solid foods a much gentler one.

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5 Tips For Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits Early

Most parents have one common question and a common goal when it comes to feeding their children, “How can I raise my child to be a healthy eater?” While some children may seem like they were naturally born to be healthy eaters others may seem to hate every food you put on their plate. Before you throw in the nutritional towel (or give them sweets just to see them eat) read on for 5 tips to encourage your child to grow into a healthy eater! The great news is that it is NEVER too early to encourage healthy eating habits and the better news is that it is NEVER too late to start implementing these practices. Always remember that healthy eating starts at home!

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Nitrates In Homemade Baby Food

There is a growing trend to avoid foods like hot dogs, bacon, and other cured items because, although they may be delicious, the nitrates found in these foods can be dangerous. While these are synthetic food preservatives, nitrates can be found in your real food diet as well. 

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Skip Purees with Baby Led Weaning

Is your baby ready for solid food? If so, did you know that you don’t have to spoon feed your baby jarred food or make your own purees? Instead, skip ahead and go straight to finger foods with baby led weaning. This increasingly popular option fosters healthy eating habits by encouraging your baby to take the lead and experiment with different foods on his own terms. Here’s what you need to know about this alternative way to introduce solids.

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