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Daily Mom’s Expectant and New Mom Live Giveaway August 26, 2017

If you’ve been loving our Facebook LIVE bashes and giveaways, well, we’re back for more! In recognition of August being National Breastfeeding Month, we are celebrating all the Expectant and New Moms out there whether welcoming their very first bundle of joy or their last. We will be showcasing some of the hottest new items meant to make your pregnancy, newborn, and postpartum experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. From travel systems and sleep solutions to pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and apparel, there is something here for everyone, so whether you or someone you love is welcoming a new addition make sure to join us for this fun and fabulous event! Partnering up with our favorite brands, Daily Mom’s Kristin and Jeri will be LIVE this August on Daily Mom’s Facebook page, giving you the details on their favorite items for both mommy and baby which you can then enter to WIN! See all the details below…

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Introducing the Brand New Cybex Mios – Stroll in Breathable Style

We’re suckers for new; new brands, new clothes, new makeup, new babies, new everything. So when a brand new stroller hits the market, we’re all over it, especially when it comes from the holy grail of baby product brands, Cybex. They recently released their new Mios model, and not only is it beautifully and modernly designed, like all of their rave-worthy products, but it’s also fully versatile, warm weather friendly, and a parent’s best friend when it comes to ease of use. Ready to drool some?

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Tips for Traveling with a Lap Baby

Traveling with kids of any age adds an additional layer of planning, but hitting the road while your little one is still considered a lap child means you can save money and create memories as a family. With the right preparation, vacationing with a baby can be a time you look fondly upon for years to come.

We’ve put together our tips for traveling with tots this summer that will help you enjoy your trip.

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Car Seat Guide: Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB

When it’s time to shop for a new car seat for your growing baby, the options can seem endless. There are so many different brands that have so many different features, it can be hard to decipher which one is the best for you and your family. The first and foremost thing on any parent’s list is safety. They want to be ensured that their baby, toddler, or older child is safe in their seat. After that, parents often look towards other factors – comfort levels, ease of installation, and the ability to grow with your child. Britax is one company that is synonymous with safety, and their line of car seats have all those features and more, in their convertible car seats. They have several different collections, but their newest – the Advocate ClickTight ARB Convertible car seat – takes those features to a whole new level. 

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Gifts for Baby: Holiday 2016 #DMHoliday16

Earlier this year, you welcomed a new baby into your family. Before that baby arrived, you likely celebrated with showers and gifts. Babies are so easy to shop for, right? But, now that the baby is here, what do you give for Christmas? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that will make moms and babies alike smile from ear to ear. Read on to find out what baby gifts are in for Christmas 2016.

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Win It: Posh Play Mat

Baby gear can be such an eyesore: bright neons, crazy prints and Disney characters galore. Many of us worked hard to decorate our homes before baby — and aren’t exactly thrilled to add a bunch of, well, ugly baby gear into the mix. Posh Play believes that baby gear can actually compliment your home décor!

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Win It: Baby Jack Blankets

As you travel from gathering to gathering this holiday season, your tiny traveler might grow fussy and bored of the car — or resist those all-important car naps. What if you could bring one stimulating toy that also doubled as a “lovie” for your baby to cuddle with? We’re describing the Baby Jack Sensory Ribbon Tag Blanket — and we absolutely love it!

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Gear Guide: bounceRoo by 4moms

Are you looking for a bouncy seat that is as beautiful as it is functional? Are you tired of obnoxiously bright baby gear items cluttering up your living spaces? The bounceRoo™  by 4moms® offers a functional and versatile baby seat that will ensure baby stays comfortable and secure while you enjoy some hands-free moments to yourself. Read on to find out just what we love about this innovative new piece of baby gear.

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High Chair Guide: Phil & Teds High Pod

While you may come across dozens of capable high chairs on your hunt for the perfect one for your family, the Phil & Teds High Pod stands above the rest with a sleek design and unmatched features and convenience.

The High Pod offers a uniquely beautiful design that is minimalistic (which means easier clean-up for you!) and versatility that promises that this chair will grow with your child beyond babyhood.

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Gear Guide: Doona by Simple Parenting – The Next Generation Car Seat

Your baby is naturally most comfortable in your arms. In fact, they may be so comfortable, that you find that the only way you can get anything done is by “wearing” your baby. However, doctors typically recommend that babies sleep lying flat on their back, to allow baby’s body to freely move; and encourage bone and muscle development. Furthermore, if you’re driving (or even just riding in the car), it just isn’t safe or legal to baby-wear. 

So, you buy an infant car seat to safely secure and restrain your baby while in transit. Then, you buy a stroller because who really wants to lug that car seat around whenever you get to your destination. But what if you could buy one piece of baby gear that offers a safe, practical and comfortable solution for carrying your baby inside and outside of the car? Doona was designed to do just that! 

Is it a car seat? Is it a stroller? It’s both! Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution designed for infants 4-34 lbs.

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