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AngelCare Wireless Baby Movement Monitor Gear Guide

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting yet scary time in a parent’s life. The immediate intense love that you experience for such a tiny little human quickly brings to the forefront all of the worries and fears – is he getting enough milk, is she crying from pain, are their dirty diapers supposed to be that color? While all of those are legitimate questions new parents often wonder, worrying about your child while they sleep is consistently on the top of our list of biggest concerns. Thankfully, technology has long given us the ability to watch our baby as they sleep from anywhere in the home. Not only can we check in on baby with just the slightest glance at a monitor, but we can also talk to baby and even check the temperature of the room. While all of these functions have greatly aided in easing our concerns as new parents, Angelcare has taken baby monitors even further by adding a wireless motion monitor able to detect even the slightest of baby’s movements in the crib. We call this a major parenting win.

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Snuza Hero Monitor Giveaway

One of the scariest parts of parenting is the worry of something happening to your baby when they are sleeping. We all know to clear the crib or bassinet and not to give blankets, but SIDS is still a real fear. What if there was a way to help keep your baby safe, even when you are sleeping? Well, there is a way with the Snuza Hero portable baby monitor that your baby can wear throughout the night- and we are giving one away today!

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