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The Terrific Two’s: Tips to Make the Two’s Easier

When dealing with your two year-old you need to remember the three C’s: communication, choice, and consistency. If you can remember these three things you will be able to deal with your two year-old a lot more effectively. 

Part one of the Terrific Two’s discussed why two’s act the way they do, now we can look at ways to reduce the tantrums and make life a little easier and a lot more fun. 

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First 8 Signs to Teach Your Baby

Why teach your baby sign language?  Babies can understand verbal communication before they develop the skills required to verbally communicate themselves.  Teaching your baby how to sign can provide them with a valuable communication skill that will enhance, rather than delay, their overall language development.  Signing may also help you gain a better understanding of how your child views the world around them and in turn lead to less fussiness and fewer meltdowns due to communication misunderstandings.


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