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To Nanny or Manny? That Is The Question

If you ever thought about hiring a nanny… think again. There are “Manny’s” out there too! Meet Florence Ann Romano, author of Nanny and Me, a literary depiction to help children and parents understand the difficult transition of hiring a nanny. Just ask the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! They have their very own copy as this vital tool has been graciously accepted in households across the country and the world. During her whirlwind moments, Ms. Romano has discovered her lovely moments as an author after 15 years of being a nanny and caring for over 30 children! 

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8 Ways to Take Time For Yourself When You Exclusively Breastfeed

When you’re a breastfeeding mother, it’s difficult to take time for yourself. Some breastfed babies don’t take bottles or pacifiers well, so you take the role of both for them. This means that as long as you breastfeed you can’t be more than a few minutes away from your baby, and this can get tiring. Baby comes first and sometimes mom gets neglected. It’s important to take time for yourself though. If you are recharged and rested you’re able to tackle everything life throws at you (sometimes literally if you have a toddler too!).

Here are some tips for spending time on yourself that work around your baby’s schedule.

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Gifts of Gratitude

Gifts of Graditute

This is often a big question every year: who gets a gift from you and your family during the holiday season? You’ve got the usuals- your family, close friends, maybe a gift swap with your coworkers. But when it comes to gift-giving etiquette, who should you add to your list this year, and what is an appropriate gift? In this post, we’ll discuss all those extra “thank you” gifts you should be planning for as well as some ideas for those gifts. 

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Best Interview Questions for a Babysitter

{Photo Credit: The Art of Making a Baby}

You want to feel confident and comfortable as you finally embark on a child-free night, so finding the right babysitter to suit your family’s needs is imperative. Whether you are having your High School aged neighbor watch your child for the evening, or you are actively on the hunt for the perfect sitter, below is a well rounded list of questions and discussions that you may want to keep in the back of your mind (or proudly printed off on a clipboard) while interviewing potential babysitters.

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