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Unique Treats for Your Holiday Cookie Exchange

The holidays are a great excuse to strap on an apron, grab some friends, and indulge in all of the yumminess you can cram into one day. Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for all of your baking needs, but this holiday season we’ve taken the liberty to do your recipe scouring for you. Now that time has been freed up, you’ll have time to try an extra batch of one of the below goodies. You’re welcome!

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Gifts for the Home Chef Holiday 2016 #DMHoliday16

Cooking is a huge part of the holiday season, and having the right gear and gadgets is key to making sure you have a successful meal. Between roasting turkeys, baking pies and holiday cookies, and getting little tummies fed in between, sometimes it can feel like we spend all day in the kitchen. Our gifts for the home chef cover the bases for every person who loves to cook – whether it be large dinner parties, like for the holidays, or for everyday cooking and baking. We are sure you will be able to find something perfect for the chef in your life, so check out some of our favorites below. 

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Preparing Your Kitchen for The Upcoming Holiday #DMHoliday16

Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and Christmas is just around the corner. Even if you don’t celebrate either of these two holidays there are plenty of opportunities to host lovely winter get togethers right in your home. However, with the pleasure of being the host comes the task of ensuring that your kitchen is as prepared as your heart is to welcome people into your home. The holidays are such a wonderful time of year to reflect on all the joy that the year has brought you, or celebrate that which hasn’t been perfect but can be improved upon next year. While you are making your shopping lists this year to ensure that you have all the requirements for entertaining, we have three brands that absolutely cannot be left off your list: Le Crueset, Silpat, and Charles Viancin.

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Natural Rolled Oats Muffins

Pretty much every kid in the world is born with a genuine sweet tooth. Often times, it’s difficult to get your toddler to eat anything, let alone healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. When you have a picky eater, you might find yourself resorting to getting grains, protein and other nutrients in them any way possible. An easy solution is processed, store bought cereal bars. Even the healthier, natural options still have a lot of added sugar and preservatives.

If your kids love the taste of cereal bars, but you don’t love the unnecessary ingredients, give our Rolled Oats Muffins a try. Each “muffin” is packed full of nutritious rolled oats, organic applesauce, natural honey and just a tiny bit of brown sugar. Your entire family will love them, and the best part is, you can add any of their favorite fruits, nuts or chocolate chips to each individual muffin to make the entire batch customizable to every member of your family!

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Fabulous Fall Bread Recipes

We love everything about fall: the smells, the decor and the baking. But, nothing quite says “fall” like whipping up some fall-inspired bread recipes! The amazing aroma of bread baking in the oven is enough to make you fall in love with autumn all over again

With that in mind, today we are sharing 3 fabulous fall bread recipes to help you get into the spirit of autumn. Test out your baking skills by making one of the following fall breads: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Banana Tea Bread and Apple Cinnamon Bread. Which one will you try first?

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Dinner Prep Made Easy with Little Partners


It’s 5 o’clock and maybe you are walking in the door from a long day at work or maybe you are winding down from a long day of errands and play dates. One thing is for certain, come this time of day it is time to start what seems like the marathon of preparing dinner, feeding dinner, bath time and bedtime. Needless to say, dinnertime can be a tough time of day, especially with kids afoot. Keeping your little ones from hanging on your leg while you are prepping dinner is nothing shy of a miracle. Not to worry! With a few clever tips and tricks and a lot of help from our friends over at Little Partners it is possible to get a healthy meal prepared and on the table, sans child hanging on your leg.

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Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Banana Cookies

If you have a couple of bananas that are just too ripe to eat by themselves or you’re simply looking for a new twist on your traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe, you’ll definitely want to try our Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Banana Cookies! This will be your new favorite go-to recipe when your kids need you to whip something up last minute for the school bake sale or you have company on their way!

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World’s Best Pound Cake

Have you been searching for the best go-to recipe for a show stopping pound cake? Well, even if you haven’t, you will not regret stumbling upon this recipe. With the holidays just around the corner you’ll be able to impress any crowd with this simple and truly delicious recipe. 

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Holiday Baking: Montessori Style

Holiday Baking Montessori Style

Holiday baking can be difficult to accomplish while trying to keep your toddler occupied at the same time. Thankfully, you can make it into a fun and educational activity for your toddler by including them in the baking process. You can present the cookie baking as a string of Montessori activities. Not only will this enable you to get your baking done, it can be a very fun and educational experience for your child. You can discuss the steps together and make it a sensory exploration. Plus, the cookies will taste better if little hands help prepare them! 

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Sugar-free cookie decorating

Sugar Free Cookie Decorating_

One of the most beloved traditions during the winter holiday season is baking and decorating cookies. While we love the fun of it– mixing the ingredients, using the cookie cutters, watching them as they grow in the oven and, of course the best part, decorating them–let’s face it, we don’t love all the sugar involved and the effect it can have on our kids. We would hate to take away that favorite pastime, and don’t forget we need to leave cookies out for Santa. So, say goodbye to the sugar-filled toppings and hello to a healthier alternative to the traditional decorating. 

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World’s Best Cut-Out Cookies

There’s no better way to enjoy the holidays than with a huge platter of homemade cookies and sweets. Everyone has their favorites, but if you’re a sucker for a good old fashioned cut-out cookie, then this recipe is for you. We are confident enough to boast that this just may be the world’s best cut-out cookie recipe. With cream cheese as the secret ingredient, these cookies will melt in your mouth and give your other holiday goodies a run for their money. So pop on the apron, turn up the holiday tunes, and get baking!

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