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Great Gifts for Dads

Good dads are a perfect mix of silly fun and hard work. Honor the silly, hard working man in your life with the perfect present for the holidays. Dads, like moms, are not very good at taking care of themselves. The gifts we’ve put together for our favorite dads will pamper them and let them know how loved they are all year round. And just like dads, there is a good mix of silly and fun presents or more serious gifts here for you to choose from. If you can’t pick, get your dad one of each type. You know he loves to play as hard as he works so give him both this year!

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Post-Movember Beard and Shave Guide

Movember has come and gone. It’s now time to shave that thang, and start getting your kids to voluntarily kiss you again.  But you worked so hard to grow the mane, you can’t possibly “just shave it” can you? No no friends, the Daily Dad is here to give you a couple fun loving December ideas and a Shaving-101 review in case this past month was a long one for ya.

What you will need is a pair of scissors, a hair/beard trimmer, a razor (duh), a lubricant (yeeep), a moisturizer and an imagination.

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Father’s Day Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

Best Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

Attention anyone who is Father’s Day shopping for a Dad who loves the outdoors: This is the gift guide for you! Whether you are shopping for someone who loves golfing, sports, camping or just getting outside–there is something for every Dad. And for the Dads that love to be active, yet still like having their iPads everywhere they go? We even feature an awesome case that will stand up to all his time outdoors. Read on for some great gifts for the Dad on your list!

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide

Stumped for what to buy for Father’s Day this year? Maybe you need the ultimate gift that is not only unique but will surpass all other gift ideas. You are in the right place! Our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide features an eclectic collection of amazing, fun and exciting gifts. There is truly something on here for everybody from the Dad who is always traveling to the Dad who is lusting after a new barbecue. We really did our homework for this one and we have got you covered! Warning: We can’t be held responsible if you find way more than one must-have gift!

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