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Please Stop Stereotyping My Sons

From the minute my oldest son was born, the threats began…veiled and in a joking manner mind you, but offensive nonetheless. Friends of ours, fathers with baby girls, were so quick to “joke” about how we better keep our son away from their daughters. As time went on and we had 2 more boys, the comments were always the same, made in jest but not the least bit amusing to the parent of all boys. As a woman, a mother to 3 boys and a sister to 4 grown men, I honestly have to say I am frequently offended and disheartened by the way we treat young boys in our society. My plea to other parents, teachers, and everyone else out there is to stop stereotyping my sons.

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“Boys Will Be Boys” – Theories On Men, Divorce & How We Raise Our Sons

According to a recent study by the legal website, Avvo, having a partner is more important to men. Specifically, 20% more women than men report that they’d rather be “alone, successful, and happy, than in a relationship where they’re not happy.” Also, 12% more women agree with the statement, “I don’t regret my divorce,” than men.

Twenty and twelve percent are big differences, statistically speaking. They demonstrate a shockingly acute disparity between the genders. While it’s likely that there are many factors at play here, my suspicion is that the greatest is hidden not in biology, but in culture.

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