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Organized, Uniformed, and Ready for Kindergarten

I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this day for years. My oldest child is finally old enough to go to kindergarten.

With so many schooling options in our area, choosing where to send my daughter to school hasn’t been simple. However, I’ve ultimately decided to send my daughter to a public charter school. With that decision, I’m heading into this school year with a much more organized and uniformed approach than I’ve used over the past five years. However, I think it’s safe to say that we are both super excited to see where this year will take us.

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If The Shoe Fits! Tips for Finding the Proper Fit at a Great Value

Did you know that podiatrists actually recommend that new walkers up to three years old should be walking barefoot as much as possible? Walking barefoot aids in helping children recognize new terrain, adjust their footing accordingly, and develop balance, movement, and posture! While barefoot is best, there are times when safety is in question and shoes are certainly a must. With the average child outgrowing their shoes by a half size every three to four months, it’s important that a child’s shoes not only fit properly, but are made to function just as they do — run, jump, slide, and tumble.

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