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Modern Beauty & Ultimate Safety in the Cybex Aton Q

If you’re pregnant or just welcomed a new addition to the family, an infant carseat is at the very top of your must-get list, and for good reason. You don’t necessarily need a closet full of baby pea coats, the latest decked out high chair, or a cupboard filled to the brim with bottles when bringing home a new baby; the only bare-bones, essential item you need to leave those hospital doors with is a carseat. While carseats are truly a dime a dozen these days, we want to be sure that the Aton Q from Cybex is on your radar when shopping around, as we are utterly obsessed with the modern design and safety features that this infant carseat boasts. Come take a look…

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2016 Back to School Bash Giveaway Event on Facebook LIVE

Back to school season can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned parents. Each year there seems to be new gear, new trends, and new tools to help your child succeed during the school year. This guide, in conjunction with our Back to School Bash on Facebook Live, provides you with some of the best back-to-school items out there. From backpacks to school supplies, games to snacks, tools to memory keepers, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to enter for a chance to win something from our $3,000 worth of giveaways! Over 45 winners will be awarded!

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Win It: Performance Sport and Roadster XL Car Seats from Recaro

Purchasing a car seat is almost like purchasing a new car. You research safety standards, size limitations, comfort ratings, and of course, expense. You compare and contrast brands, styles, and prices endlessly. When it comes to the safety of your child, no amount of research and debate is ‘too much’. This is why we love companies that put safety first and foremost when it comes to providing products for our families, and Recaro‘s car seats are no different!

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The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Car Seat

If you’re a parent to young kids, you know that car seat guidelines have changed dramatically in recent years. So much so, in fact, that what you followed for your oldest may be different from what you’re currently doing with your youngest!

Sorting through the laws and recommendations is overwhelming enough, but then there’s confusing, often conflicting, data regarding:

  • Rear-facing versus forward-facing seats
  • Infant versus convertible seats, and
  • Five-point harnesses, booster seats and seat belts.

With so much information out there, it can make you just want to clip your babe in the Ergo, and hoof it everywhere. But you don’t have to do that! Behold: your comprehensive guide to choosing a car seat.

Did you know that September 13th-19th is known across the United States as Child Passenger Safety Week? Daily Mom is a huge advocate for practicing extended rear-facing for as long as possible. Please be sure to refer to our post on Rear-Facing: Just The Facts.

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Why Your Kid Should be Harnessed in the Car as Long as Possible

As parents, we love watching our children progress. We eagerly cheer as they begin to crawl and walk, and sniff back tears as they head off to their first day of preschool donning their new backpack. We genuinely get excited to watch them move into newer and greater things. So many parents treat upgrading car seats with that same enthusiasm, and rush their children through the stages, such as prematurely forward-facing their toddlers or buying your preschooler a car seat that just utilizes the regular seat belt. We’re here today to discuss why you should keep your child harnessed in the car for as long as possible.

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Car Seat Guide: Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

If you’re searching for a car seat that will safely carry your precious cargo from infancy through preschool (from 5-65 lbs!), the Chicco Nextfit convertible car seat is just what you need. Designed to be the “easiest convertible car seat to install” in any vehicle, both rear and forward facing, the Chicco Nextfit combines top-notch protection with comfort and eye-catching design.

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Comfy & Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

Comfy and Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

There are so many products on the market directed towards parents of babies and toddlers. Some on them are absolutely essential while others are more of a “want” than a “need.” Some of the best products are those that give a simple solution to a common problem. This is exactly what the Slumber Sling has done for us. It has become a long-awaited solution to a problem that so many parents, especially those who find themselves in the car frequently, have. Do you have a toddler who suffers from the dreaded neck strain that comes from trying to sleep in their carseat? It’s such an awful feeling as a parent, to see your little ones head flopped forward and wonder how on earth they can be sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. Ash & Alys Babes has brought this amazing sling to the market to solve this problem for parents everywhere. Keep reading to learn a little more about why we are loving it and just how well it worked for some of the Daily Mom writers.

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The Evolution of Car Seat Safety

The Evolution of Car Seat Safety

We know the car seats of today are held to a certain standard. They all have to pass the same standardized safety tests and while some seats offer more features than others to improve upon the baseline tests, the safest seat is one that is used properly. From the time car seats were first introduced to the seats we see on the market today, we’ve certainly come a long way. After speaking with Chicco USA’s Child Passenger Safety Expert, Julie Prom, we learned a great deal about the progress we’ve made over the years. 

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Recaro Performance Ride Giveaway

If you have a child that is quickly outgrowing their infant seat or just looks plain uncomfortable, then your next step is a convertible seat. Recaro is a German engineered, US assembled company that is all the rage right now. They make some of the safest seats on the market and one of the best ones manufactured to grow with your child! It begins as a reclining, rear-facing seat for newborns as small as 5 lbs. and can grow with your child into a forward facing booster seat suitable for children up to 65 lbs.- and we are thrilled to be giving one away today!

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Exciting Travel Products from ABC Kids Expo 2014

Daily Mom recently returned from the 2014 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada – the world’s premier trade show for children’s products. Two of our editors spent long days scouring the floor for the best new products for kids, babies, and parents. We’ve already shared with you the latest and greatest when it comes to strollers, toys, and feeding products and now it’s time for all things travel related. Check out these amazing car seats, baby carriers, and more!

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Rear Facing: Just The Facts

Did you know that September is Child Passenger Safety Month? Every day we get into the car with our children. We may be headed to bring them to school, run errands, visit family and friends or to just grab a bite to eat. Whether it be a short trip to the store, or a longer day trip we want to be sure that we our traveling with our children in the safest manner possible! Unfortunately, statistics state that car crashes are the leading cause of death and injury to children in the United States ages 1 to 12. As parents it is our job to ensure that they are protected to the best of our ability! Is rear facing and extended rear facing (ERF) the safest way to strap them in? Let’s take a look at the facts.

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Car Seat Guide: Diono Radian RXT

Finding the perfect infant car seat is a daunting task. Finding the perfect toddler car seat 30 pounds later is an even greater feat. And if that’s not enough, a few years and hundreds of dollars later, you have to set out in search of yet another seat: the booster. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all three in one perfectly safe, comfortable and stylish design? With the Diono Radian RXT, you can!

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