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Preparing for the Holidays with the perfect Gallery Wall by Framebridge #DMHoliday16

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start preparing. Gifts have to be bought, houses have to be cleaned; you want everything to be perfect down to the last detail. It is possible that you have stood in the center of your house looking around and thinking of all the nooks and crannies you thought you would have gotten around to decorating this year. Well, you are in luck. It is not too late, and it is actually almost as easy to orchestrate as it is to make your own pumpkin pie. For a lovely addition to your home or even the perfect and sentimental gift this special season, look no further than Framebridge.

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5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Crushing Your Child’s Spirit

As parents, it is your job to raise your children to be independent, thoughtful, intelligent adults. You are given the gift of these beautiful, innocent human beings. These precious lives are placed into your hands – completely pure – like blank pages in a freshly bound book. From the very first moment you look into their eyes, you vow to them – and to yourself – that you are going to love them unconditionally, protect them with every fiber of your being, teach them through life experiences, and bring the world to their fingertips in every way you possibly can. 

Those first blissful days roll into weeks, and you’re exhausted, but drunk on life and love and the idea that you – YOU – are solely responsible for molding and shaping these little people into who they are going to be when you set them free into the world. It’s a pretty incredibly feeling. And it’s also incredibly frightening…

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DIY Ornaments for All Ages

DIY Ornaments for All Ages

With the holidays in full swing there is no better time to start crafting and creating traditions. It pretty much goes without saying that a huge part of the Christmas tree is the ornaments we adorn it with. Why not make those ornaments yourself? Gather everyone in the family (no age is too young or too old) to make these fun and creative ornaments with minimal supplies. 

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Simple Strategies to Support Creativity at Home

In such a rapidly developing world, creativity is quickly becoming a sought-after trait.  Did you know that creative thinking promotes self-actualization, independent thought, and problem solving?  Even though everyone already has some level of creativity, it is something that can be encouraged and developed.  In other words, it does not matter whether or not your child has demonstrated a strong sense of creativity in the past.  You can still help to encourage creative behaviors in your daily life.  Not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing in your home.

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50 Summer Bucket List Ideas

It’s summertime: the weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and there is a world of opportunity for fun. It’s the perfect time to make a summer fun bucket list to get your family’s summer adventures heading in the right direction. Here are 50 ideas to get your bucket list started.

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5 Childhood Moments Worth Capturing

There are certain moments in our children’s everyday that we might overlook when it comes to photographing them. It’s easy to pull out the camera for the big events or special milestones, but what about those precious daily moments?

Here are five sweet and simple moments in your child’s day that deserve a little extra attention with your camera just this once. We take you from sunrise to sunset for a look at your child’s full day in five touching photos.

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