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A Day In The Life Of A Family of 11

“Are you done yet?” After a cordial hello how are you, greeting, we’re then met with that direct and curious question my family hears quite often. Who in this day and age has a family with 9 children?! Sure, you could watch the amazing families on TV who are famous for their multiple children and the lives they lead, but what about the families in your own home town? We’re just like the neighbors next door, but we happen to celebrate more birthdays, more chairs around the dining room table, and believe it or not… more love and compassion to feel for each other.

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Gifts for Baby: Holiday 2016 #DMHoliday16

Earlier this year, you welcomed a new baby into your family. Before that baby arrived, you likely celebrated with showers and gifts. Babies are so easy to shop for, right? But, now that the baby is here, what do you give for Christmas? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that will make moms and babies alike smile from ear to ear. Read on to find out what baby gifts are in for Christmas 2016.

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Daily Mom’s New Mom & Baby LIVE Holiday Extravaganza

Shopping for a pregnant mama or a new mom can be a challenge – there’s a dizzying array of products to choose from, and it’s hard to know what’s sure to delight her. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all the very best – some new products and some tried-and-true favorites – for the New Mom & Baby Holiday Extravaganza. And the best part? YOU can win the items featured here. Be sure to read about these incredible products, watch our Facebook LIVE video to see the products in action, and scroll to the bottom of this post to enter for your chance to win.

Be sure to hop on over to our Facebook page and check out our LIVE Video. Leave us a comment on the video for another chance to win. 

By sharing our event page, RSVP’ing to the event page, and sharing the LIVE video on Facebook, you can also gain extra entries – and you’ll want them after reading about all the gear that’s up for grabs, below!

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Daily Mom Spotlight: Babyhome Air Bassinet

Having a safe place to lay your baby to sleep is a top concern for all new parents. As we shop, we look for products featuring light fabrics, flat surfaces, and breathable sides, ensuring the safest of sleep environments for our littlest bundles of joy. It’s also why we are spotlighting the Babyhome Air Bassinet! With its impeccable design and functionality, it’s a must-have for every baby registry. 

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My co-sleeping journey

Today I would like to share my personal story about how bed-sharing and co-sleeping has worked and continues to work for me and my family- despite the negativity sometimes associated with it. 

From the moment my little girl was born I had this overwhelming need to have her close to me at all times. I would carry her around in my arms constantly, despite remarks such as:

“Put her down.”

“She needs to learn to be by herself.”

“You are getting her into bad habits by holding her all the time.”

“You are spoiling her.”

And this need persisted even at bedtime. I wanted her right next to me in the tiny, uncomfortable hospital bed, just the two of us together.

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3 Reasons to Keep Your Baby Close

We’ve all been there: you’re at the first big family event since having your baby, and everyone’s eager to meet the newest addition. Well-meaning family members touch your baby’s chubby cheeks and stroke your baby’s mop of fuzzy hair — and then come the requests to hold your bundle of joy.

Maybe you’re fine with this — but maybe you’re not. And however you’re feeling is completely okay.

Now, we aren’t faulting your family or friends — it’s natural to want to hold and snuggle a brand-new baby. But there are lots of reasons why it’s okay to politely ask that your family admire your baby from your arms instead. Call it “attachment parenting,” call it “high-touch parenting,” call it simply just wanting to hold your baby; here are three reasons why it’s okay to want to keep your baby close.

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Win It: HALO Bassinest and SleepSack

When done safely, co-sleeping can be extremely beneficial for both mom and baby. For one, it simplifies those middle-of-the-night feedings, which can ultimately set you up for long-term breastfeeding success! A quality bassinet is key for a co-sleeping set-up, and we love the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper by HALO!

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5 Rules For Safe Co-Sleeping

5 Rules For Safe CoSleeping

Co-sleeping (defined as sharing a common sleeping area with your  child – whether it be the same room, bedsharing, etc.), offers a wide array of benefits to mom and baby.  For our ancestors, cosleeping was a matter of survival, and this traditional sleeping practice is catching on again with today’s modern mamas.  If you’re contemplating co-sleeping with your baby, read on to learn more about the benefits you’ll reap, and how to practice safe co-sleeping

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Snuza Hero Monitor Giveaway

One of the scariest parts of parenting is the worry of something happening to your baby when they are sleeping. We all know to clear the crib or bassinet and not to give blankets, but SIDS is still a real fear. What if there was a way to help keep your baby safe, even when you are sleeping? Well, there is a way with the Snuza Hero portable baby monitor that your baby can wear throughout the night- and we are giving one away today!

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