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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Germ Etiquette

You don’t necessarily have to be in the throes of the “cold and flu” season to effectively spread germs. So in order to minimize your exposure when you are under the weather, there are a few gestures you want to instill as well as some well intentioned actions in order to stop the spread of germs. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that it’s not just about lathering yourself in antibacterial creams, lotions, and soaps. Perhaps the best way to stop the spread of germs is to practice these etiquettes as well as a course of action your employer will appreciate.  

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Easy Snow Ice Cream: Two Ways!

snow ice cream

When life gives you snow, make ice cream! This cool treat will turn a snow day into a very sweet memory.  It tastes delicious and only takes about 5 minutes to make. There’s no need for an ice cream maker, blender or food processor, heavy cream, or refined sugar.  This ice cream has a soft-serve consistency that will make you and your kids want to peek out your window and wish for more snow.  

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Crock Pot Chicken Soup

crock pot chicken soup

Who would have thought that your parents and grandparents have been right all along? Chicken soup isn’t just good for your soul, it’s great at soothing cold and flu symptoms as well. The only thing better on a cold dreary day than a warming and delicious bowl of chicken soup, is a chicken soup that cooks on its own in the crockpot and takes less than 20 minutes to put together. Here at Daily Mom we are HUGE fans of the crock pot. It can make dinnertime simple, quick and healthy. Anything that adds that kind of simplicity into our lives is a GO in our book! Even if you aren’t feeling under the weather, this is the perfect recipe for a weeknight dinner. You can even make it and freeze it, just in case the germs creep in.

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Rustic European Chicken and Veggie Soup

Rustic Chicken and Veggie Soup

If you have visited Europe, chances are that you have tried a delicious rustic soup at some point. Sometimes we are so busy following the newest and most chic or elegant dishes that we forget the basics–the beauty of simplicity.  Roughly cut veggies, homemade broth, and the perfect simple seasonings that can come together for a delicious, nourishing soup. There is something about a homemade chicken soup that is not only delicious, but nostalgic.  

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Fight Off Germs: Elderberry Syrup & Gummy Bear Recipes

It’s that time of year where the illnesses start spreading like wildfire! We are bringing you a simple, natural and effective way to help ward off those nasty germs. We are even adding in a flu busting gummy bear treat. Black elderberries have been shown to prevent the flu and cold and speed up the recovery time in those who are already under the weather. It can be a little pricey to buy so fortunately we have you covered with 2 simple and awesome homemade recipes for the syrup and some great gummy bear treats.

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7 A.M. Enfant Winter Weather Gear Roundup

The holiday season is over but the winter weather remains. Whether or not you believe the wisdom of the groundhog, there’s still six long weeks of official winter ahead of us. Instead of hibernating indoors until Spring has sprung, though, getting out and about and getting some sun and fresh air is good for both mom and baby. To keep your little one warm, look no further than 7 A.M. Enfant to get you through this final stretch of cold weather and transition you to Spring. Below we roundup our favorite functional and stylish gear from 7 A.M. Enfant.

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Hot Baby Gear for Cool Climates


Shop the winter gear sales now to get ready for next winter!

Being trapped inside all winter is hard. It’s even harder when you have a little one! It’s difficult, if not close to impossible, to do some of the things you normally love. Your stroller and baby carrier grow dusty with neglect as the cold wind blows. Even just bundling up to get to the car is an act of great skill. You know how to dress yourself appropriately for the weather, but how warm is your little one?

We don’t like being cold but we also don’t like being trapped inside all winter long! That’s why we searched high and low for the coolest – warmest – cold weather baby gear that could take us from cabin fever to snowy play date! Even as the weather warms up in some of the country, this cool gear is useful for cool spring days, and thinking ahead for fall – grab the end of season gear now while it may be on sale!

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Keep Little Fingers and Toes Warm With Stonz

For much of the country, the groundhog was wrong this year, winter seems to be sticking around for a little longer than we would like. Spring will surely follow suit and be unpredictable as well. With all of this crazy weather it is hard to buy seasonal clothing for our kids. Do we need snow clothes or rain clothes? Warm clothes or something that could make it in the North Pole? Prepare your family for the unpredictable weather with Stonz outerwear accessories.

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