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Creative & Crafty Activity Kits by Seedling

We know you’re thrilled to have your children home for the summer, but we also know that sometimes you need some quiet time or a way to engage your children while you kick back and enjoy the silence or get some household chores done. We love the activity kits offered by Seedling for hours of summer entertainment, whether you wish to create with your child or seek activities that they can complete on their own.

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8 Tips for Avoiding the Summer Learning Slump

How to Avoid the Summer Slump

Ahh, summertime! Goodbye routines and hello carefree days! While every mom wants her kids to have a fun and relaxing summer break, no one wants her children to stop learning–or worse, to lose ground on what was previously learned. But, the fact is that, without some educational activities during summer break, most children lose about 2 months worth of school year learning! How can you avoid the “summer learning slump”? Read on for 8 tips to help your children continue to learn over the summer –and have fun doing it!

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