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Uptalking Your Teen Daughter

She needs to hear that it’s better than “okay” and “you’re good enough”. Our teen girls are constantly bombarded with the social “standards” of what beauty and brains should be (not to mention individuality). What happens when she’s alone with her own thoughts and reality? Is she able to decipher her perception of situations from reality? What you say to her can elevate her to a new standard of self-confidence, or the lack of can leave her in f.e.a.r – (the false evidence appearing real) of her own self-worth.

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5 Ways to Build a Positive Home & How it Will Benefit Your Children Long-term

Creating a positive home for your children is not only beneficial to their development, but it instills qualities like confidence, compassion, patience, and kindness, among others. Home life largely influences a child and shapes them into who they will become, so it’s important to set a positive tone and create an environment where they can flourish. Today, we’re giving you five ways to build a positive home, and how it can benefit your children long-term.

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