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Win It: Babiators!

You may think of sunglasses as simply a “summer” accessory — but kids need protection from the sun all year round! Research shows that children receive three times the annual sun exposure as adultsand their developing eyes can’t filter out UV rays. So as you bundle up your kid for a winter play date, don’t forget the sunscreen — and the Babiators!

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Win It: A Getaway to The King and Prince Resort!

Happy New Year, lovely readers!

While we just completed 30 Days of Giveaways (in fact, you can still enter to win prizes from PopCards, CompoKeeper, Comfort Cam and Bébé au Lait!) — we wanted to continue the holiday cheer into the New Year.

We wanted to start 2016 off right!

We wanted to give our awesome readers more giveaways.

So — to commemorate 2016, we are kicking things off with 16 giveaways! (#win16in2016)

And we’re starting big — really big. Oprah big (we love Oprah)!

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Win It: ComfortCam Video Monitor!

A baby monitor is a must for new (or even seasoned) parents. Being able to see your baby as he sleeps provides an invaluable peace of mind — plus, you get a heads’ up when your little one is about to wake! There are lots of great baby monitor options on the market today; however, most of us don’t have several hundred dollars to spend on such a high-tech baby item. That’s why we love the afforably priced Wifi Baby Monitor by ComfortCam!

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Win It: CompoKeeper

Composting is one of those things that we all know we should be doing… but it just doesn’t seem very appealing. Between the smells, the mess and the hassle, it just seems like too much work (and stink!). However, the CompoKeeper has totally changed our perception about composting!

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