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Uptalking Your Teen Daughter

She needs to hear that it’s better than “okay” and “you’re good enough”. Our teen girls are constantly bombarded with the social “standards” of what beauty and brains should be (not to mention individuality). What happens when she’s alone with her own thoughts and reality? Is she able to decipher her perception of situations from reality? What you say to her can elevate her to a new standard of self-confidence, or the lack of can leave her in f.e.a.r – (the false evidence appearing real) of her own self-worth.

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Trying To Keep It Together After An Affair

Days, weeks, and months went by, but these feelings… the feelings of mistrust, betrayal, depression, stress, and fear, and still having to hold it all together while being a “good” mother, seemed impossible. The marriage was fine, everything was good. There were no hang ups, major fights, or even un-attraction issues, and yet it still happened. It happened, and even though life continued on, there was this standstill. No movement forward nor backward. Nothing but the betrayal, the affair – it was the existence of the marriage: The Affair. Life still moved forward, mothering had to be done, so just keep it together, right? 

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