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A Week of Teacher Appreciation Ideas

In the course of one day, our children’s teachers are not only their educators; they are their cheerleaders, their defenders, their nurse, their coach, their psychologists, their activists and their friend. Most importantly, teachers are our children’s mentors and role models; the person who has the potential to be one of the most influential individuals in our child’s lives.

One thing’s for sure: Teachers deserve mountains of appreciation. 

Most schools have one week a year, typically in the spring, when the students and parents can shower our teachers and school staff members with adoration and thanksgiving. Teacher Appreciation Week is a fun time to get kids involved with expressing gratitude. Some schools assign a theme to each day of the week so that everyone is consistent, such as bring a flower for your teacher on Monday and a candy treat on Tuesday. In that vane, we’ve come up with a week-long list of ideas to acknowledge the hard work of our wonderful teachers, all of which you can tailor to how simple or detailed you’d like your gifts to be.

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Getting Your Kids in the Giving Spirit

The holidays are upon us. We are all busy decorating, shopping, baking, celebrating and visiting family. Reminders of Santa and his elves are all around and your kids are probably getting excited about a visit from the man in red and making their lists. However, we want our kids to focus on more than just receiving. Giving truly is more rewarding and it can be the focus of your holiday season for you and your kids. Here are 4 tips to help you get your kids in the giving spirit.

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How to Pack an Amazing Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox

‘Tis the season when we’re all searching for ways to involve our children in giving back to the community. Christmas is, after all, the perfect time to start meaningful family traditions that reflect the desire to embody gratitude for our blessings while at the same time showing empathy for others. 

There are Angel Trees, where you can choose an “ornament” from the tree that names a specific item that a child in your local area might need or want for Christmas that otherwise they wouldn’t receive. There are food pantries and soup kitchens who need volunteers to stock shelves and assist with serving or delivering food to hungry families. There are families that churches or schools may “adopt” for the holiday season and assist with making sure they can feed their families as well as enjoy gifts. And there are homeless shelters who desperately need blankets and coats to give to folks who cannot afford to stay warm during the winter months.

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Gifts of Gratitude

Gifts of Graditute

This is often a big question every year: who gets a gift from you and your family during the holiday season? You’ve got the usuals- your family, close friends, maybe a gift swap with your coworkers. But when it comes to gift-giving etiquette, who should you add to your list this year, and what is an appropriate gift? In this post, we’ll discuss all those extra “thank you” gifts you should be planning for as well as some ideas for those gifts. 

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Give Your Kids The Gift of Gratitude This Holiday

Do your kids become completely different humans in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Do they turn into greedy little grinches who write lists miles long and constantly barrage you with what they “need?” It’s so easy for kids to get wrapped up in the materialistic society we live in, especially around the holiday season. They are constantly surrounded by media, pop culture, and their peers telling them what they have to have this year to be cool and look cool. Kids’ (and face it, adults) natural selfish tendencies show their head in full force this time of year. Let’s help turn that greediness into gratitude by teaching our kids (and possibly reminding ourselves) that the holiday season means more than just acquiring the latest “stuff.” We’re sharing a few simple ways you can instill the gift of gratitude in your children; a gift that will hopefully remain with them forever.

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10 Kid-Friendly Ways to Show Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is almost here and during this time of year we try to focus on recognizing the things we are grateful for. Did you know that gratitude doesn’t always come naturally to kids? It’s something that we, as parents, need to teach them — so doing this should be at the very top of our parenting to-do list. Children who express gratitude are often kinder, more appreciative, empathetic, and happier. Grateful children also have an understanding that other people have needs and they look outside themselves. They often are more polite, usually better behaved and generally more pleasant to be around. We all aspire to have kind, well-rounded and happy kids, and teaching them gratitude is one of the first steps!

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Ways to Live in the Moment With Your Baby

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

They say time is fleeting and the baby years pass by so quickly. You have probably already experienced this as you look at your little one in amazement at how much they’ve grown. Where has the time gone?! When we are tired, busy and also trying to be great mothers, it is easy to multitask and get distracted.

Maybe you catch up on your favorite show while baby plays on the floor, make a phone call while pushing the stroller, and answer emails while nursing baby to sleep.It’s not bad to do these things but sometimes it’s nice (and important!) to take a time out from distractions and to truly be in the moment like your baby is. Here are a few very simple and enjoyable ways to be in the moment with your little bundle.

The bonus? These are great bonding activities that will bring you closer together and remind you just how much you love your child.

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