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Florida Residents Rescue Dolphin after Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma whipped through the coast of Florida, residents who stayed behind wondered if they made the right decision. As the eye wall of the hurricane passed Marco Island, Florida, the howling winds and torrential downpours pounded the sides of homes, ripping off roofs, splitting trees, and flooding roads. The storm surge overtook this tiny island around 3:30pm on Sunday, September 10th with winds up to 130 mph and the seawall breaking several feet. Once the storm had passed, those who stayed behind- rescue crews, National Guard, EMTs, police, fireman, and brave residents- went out to assess the damage. They were met with water flowing through the streets, up to mailboxes in some areas. Trees were torn down, blocking roads and thrown through living rooms. And for a few Marco Island residents, they were met with another unexpected visitor- a dolphin who had washed up out of the bay and into the streets as a result of Irma’s catastrophic winds and rocky seas. 

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Family for Natural Disasters

We all want to keep our families safe and we do our best to prepare for whatever comes our way. Even though meteorologists work hard to predict natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, these storms often strike in unexpected ways, leaving everyone in their wake wanting for basic needs until things can be cleaned up and help can arrive. With some thoughtful preparation, your family can remain safe and taken care of no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Here are 10 ways to prepare your family for natural disasters.

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