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Modern Beauty & Ultimate Safety in the Cybex Aton Q

If you’re pregnant or just welcomed a new addition to the family, an infant carseat is at the very top of your must-get list, and for good reason. You don’t necessarily need a closet full of baby pea coats, the latest decked out high chair, or a cupboard filled to the brim with bottles when bringing home a new baby; the only bare-bones, essential item you need to leave those hospital doors with is a carseat. While carseats are truly a dime a dozen these days, we want to be sure that the Aton Q from Cybex is on your radar when shopping around, as we are utterly obsessed with the modern design and safety features that this infant carseat boasts. Come take a look…

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411 on Car Seat Safety

As a parent, we want nothing more than to protect our children. From the minute we bring them into this world, we do everything in our power to ensure their safety in every circumstance. With that being said, one of the largest safety hazards we encounter is the car seat our children sit in. There are certain rules we must follow when utilizing car seats, besides installation and usage, that are important to follow to optimize safety.

Today we focus on understanding expiration dates, traveling with a child seat, as well as knowing when a car seat should be retired following an accident or after sustaining damage. 

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Win It: ComfortCam Video Monitor!

A baby monitor is a must for new (or even seasoned) parents. Being able to see your baby as he sleeps provides an invaluable peace of mind — plus, you get a heads’ up when your little one is about to wake! There are lots of great baby monitor options on the market today; however, most of us don’t have several hundred dollars to spend on such a high-tech baby item. That’s why we love the afforably priced Wifi Baby Monitor by ComfortCam!

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