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An open letter to my introverted son as he enters Kindergarten

I don’t remember ever feeling as alive as I did the moment you were placed into my arms. Everything before you – experiencing every first, momentous occasion during my childhood, my first awkward kiss in high school, falling in love (not once, but twice) in college, standing at the church alter in a breathtaking couture gown and marrying your Daddy in front of all of our loved ones, spotlights shining down on me as I stood on countless stages throughout my life in front of hundreds of people – none of it compared to the day you were born, my baby boy. You made me a mother, the greatest role I’ll ever play on life’s stage. And since that day, motherhood has ignited a flame in my soul and has let me truly feel emotions I never knew existed.

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5 Signs your child might be an introvert

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

Do you struggle with a shy child? Are you dealing with tantrums or other behavioral issues? Your child might not be shy, they might be an introvert. Read below to learn if your child might be a introvert and some things you can do to make this burden more like a blessing!

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