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Poison-Proofing Your Home: Identifying Common Household Poisons

Statistics show that over 300 children in the United States are treated everyday in an emergency department from being poisoned. The CDC reports that at least two children die daily as a result of exposure to poisons. These numbers are dramatic, so it is necessary to check your home and property for potential hazards.

There are many items in every room of your home that can be poisonous, especially to children. Many of us use these common household items multiple times a day and do not think twice about their hazardous effects; however, it is important to recognize that these products are toxic and can result in serious injury or death.

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10 Ways to Washi: Organizing Edition

We’re continuing our washi tape series into the New Year (read 10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition if you missed it), for those of you who have either committed to becoming more crafty in 2015 or for those who want a pretty way to organize your life and your belongings. Washi tape is so versatile that you can use it in practically any way you can come up with, especially when it comes to organization, so we’ve rounded up 10 Ways to Washi organizing style!

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