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Top Picks for Gifts Under $50

Do you and your family members or friends put a limit on how much can be spent on each other for the holidays? For many, setting a price takes the pressure off of feeling obligated to spend a certain amount on someone. Agreeing to spend, say, no more than $50 per person, is a great way to keep things fair and equal across your family and friends that you typically buy gifts for. Fifty dollars is a great price range especially for those trying to keep a moderate budget for holiday spending; however, sometimes it can be hard deciding how to choose a gift under $50. This guide is dedicated to gifts under $50 and will you help select reasonably priced gifts for all of the men, women, and children in your life.

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Back To School Preschool & Kindergarten Essentials 2016

The early school years are such a precious time. Your young child is just getting the hang of what school is like and his brain is a sponge, soaking up all that there is to learn. The curiosity of preschoolers and kindergartners is inspiring. Make the most of the first school years with the right stuff. We have all your preschool and kindergarten essentials here for you in one place!

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Summer Must-Haves for Kids

School has ended, temperatures are soaring and summer vacation is finally here. Whether you’re traveling to the beach, camping or just hanging around home and enjoying the nice weather, we’ve complied a fantastic list of summer must haves. Don’t go thinking we compiled just a list of get wet or beach items. This list includes essential items to protect from the sun, the bugs and to ensure a fun summer is had by all. We can assure you that this list will be far from a disappointment no matter where your summer adventures take you.

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15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys For A Rainy Day

15 More Quiet Indoor Toys For Rainy Days2

The other day we brought you 15 Quiet Indoor Toys for Rainy Days. Here at Daily Mom, it is always our goal to bring you the best, most unique selection of items and when we went to unearth the best quiet toys for a rainy day we found more than we could share in just one day. So, today we are bringing you 15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys for a Rainy Day. After all, keeping your kids occupied when you they are stuck inside can be difficult. The more “tools” you can keep in hand, the more fun the whole family can have.

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