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Thinking Outside the Toy Box: Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

“Oh, yay! A dozen more toys which will be played with for maybe 15 minutes then be scattered, in pieces, all over my house for the rest of eternity, never to be touched again except by me! Joy of joys!” said no mom ever. If you’re drowning in a sea of long-forgotten and neglected toys, you probably have a mild panic attack at the thought of a tidal wave of more mishmash coming in on birthdays and holidays. And it’s also likely you’re harboring some guilt over your contribution to the heaps of toys at the homes of your friends and family. The solution: think outside of the toy box and give gifts that encourage learning and imagination! 

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Gifts That Encourage Learning


A child’s brain is really like a sponge! They are absorbing and retaining information at a rate that us adults just cannot seem to keep up with. Furthermore, they are learning through all that they do, even things which may seem mundane. Creative play, pretend play, reading and active play are just some of the many ways in which children are educating themselves. We have rounded up an amazing selection of toys and games to further your child’s learning, and the best part? They are all amazing and fun gifts that any child would LOVE to find underneath the Christmas Tree!

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