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Curvy Couture: Lingerie for Every Day

There has been a recent rise of notoriety of plus sized models, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Because, holy H-E-double hockey sticks, these girls will make you hot all over. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy just like these confident women, but we also need undergarments that properly fit our curves, put everything where they need to be, and keep it there. Our every day life doesn’t consist of using as little fabric as possible, but rather ensuring that the girls aren’t going to be the latest trend on Instagram. Curvy Couture is a brand that gives you the confidence to rock your every day life– from mom life to the office to the gym- without worry that things won’t stay in place or that you’ll be uncomfortable. 

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Fashion Guide – Summer 2016

Summertime fashion is the most fun. You can show a little skin. The patterns and colors are more vibrant. You can get a little flirty with your wardrobe and we love that! Besides looking amazing, you want clothes that will travel well and keep you cool and comfortable. You want accessories that will work with you even when you are on the go. We’ve put together some of our favorite styles in this Fashion Guide for the Summer of 2016. 

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Win It: Smart & Sexy Gift Card

Moms have the hardest job. We’re often in the thick of it — covered in spit up, changing diapers, getting purees hurled at us, doing dirty laundry, breastfeeding around the clock, handling toddler tantrums — and so on and so forth. As a result, we don’t always feel like the sexy, capable, awesome women that we are.

This year, let’s resolve to change that! At Daily Mom, we like to boost our confidence by wearing fun and sassy lingerie from Smart & Sexy!

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Gifts for the Fashionistas

Some may say that a fashionista is hard to shop for because of her specific tastes that may change with the latest trends. However, if you have a woman in your life who is passionate about fashion, you should be able to give her a gift to add to her fabulous wardrobe that she will adore. Shopping for the fashionista doesn’t have to be hard this year. We have ideas to have her looking her best and on trend from head to toe. You can never go wrong with gifting a beautiful woman something to make her feel even more beautiful.

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Breastfeeding in Style 2015

If you are a nursing mother you have likely realized that nothing you had sitting in your wardrobe seemed to work correctly or live up to the functional task of breastfeeding your baby. Babies aren’t always the most patient little diners and when you have a child who is ready for their “meal” the last thing you need is to be fussing and fidgeting while they are growing impatient. Not only are we showcasing clothing that is fantastic and functional but we have rounded up great nursing clothing that is also fashionable! At Daily Mom we love to share all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding with our readers and what better time than during Breastfeeding Awareness Month. When you think of nursing attire does it conjure up visions of tasteless clothing? Let us assure you that after you read this, you will no longer feel that way! Fashionable and functional can certainly go hand in hand.

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Cache Coeur Luxe Maternity: From Comfy to Ooh La La

Cache Coeur Maternity Nursing Luxe Lingerie

It’s time to make room in your closet for a more stylish, practical, and sensual approach to modern motherhood. Let us introduce you to Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur is the French clothing specialist for future and nursing mothers. Their line of lingerie, lounge and swimwear includes the latest on-trend fashion colors and styles without sacrificing in the areas of convenience and support that all nursing moms need. We’ve quickly fallen in love with this line and are excited to share some of our favorite pieces with you today. 

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NEW from Ingrid & Isabel: Truly Seamless Nursing Collection

We all know that motherhood changes our bodies. And, just like our bellies, our breasts will change dramatically from pregnancy into motherhood. For many of us, the thought of predicting our postpartum breast size in order to purchase a nursing bra causes a bit of anxiety. We know that our cup size is likely to increase, but how much and for how long?

No need to worry ever again. Ingrid & Isabel, one of our favorites brands for maternity, is now offering a truly seamless maternity and nursing collection, thoughtfully designed to support, comfort and adapt to every mother’s curve.

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