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The Importance of House Numbers

Every house has an assigned identifying number that displays your home address. Although these numbers are important for the mailman and guests visiting you, house numbers are crucial for emergency personnel when responding to the location of an emergency.

When 911 is called to report an incident or emergency, dispatchers receiving the call have a key job to do by determining where the emergency is taking place. The call takers must then relay the location to the proper emergency responder such as law enforcement, the fire department, or ambulance. While emergency personnel are responding to the location of the incident, they are relying on accurate information from the dispatcher to ensure that they are going to the correct address.

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Love Monster Valentine Mailboxes

Love Monster Vaneltine Mailboxes

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are a few things that you need to do for your kids to be prepared; selecting and preparing a Valentine themed snack, picking out and putting together their classroom Valentines, and creating their personal Valentine Mailbox. When it comes to making these boxes meant to receive and carry all the precious Valentines from friends and family, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve never read to book The Love Monster with your kids, it’s certainly one you should consider adding to your list. In the meantime, your kids will love to make these silly little monster mailboxes for their Valentines.

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