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The Ketogenic Diet Plan and Marathon Training

Most distance runners are taught that carbs are an essential part of a training plan. They fuel your energy levels and give you long-burning sustainment while you’re running for hours. But new health trend called the ketogenic diet plan has taken the fitness world by storm, and the runner/health nut in me became curious. The ketogenic diet plan prescribes to a low carb, high healthy fat diet where as much as 70% of your daily intake is made up of fats. Although my runner mentality had me thinking that I needed to carb-load before all my long runs, I couldn’t ignore the anecdotal evidence presented by those who have done – and stuck to – the ketogenic diet plan. People were describing less bloat, higher energy levels, better sleep, and clearer minds. So I decided to put all my traditional thoughts on food to the side to try the ketogenic diet plan aside and to see how it fared during my training season.

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5 Essentials to pack when Traveling for a Race or Competition

Traveling and having all the essentials you need can be tough. Be prepared ahead of time by making sure you pack the things you need to compete at your best level. One of the worst things when trying to compete is not having the right essentials. These can cause more stress, more unexpected costs, or make performing subpar. Let’s be prepared, so check out some tips here to help you pack what you need and maybe some other new ideas to help when traveling.

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How to Build Your Own Fitness Program

Finding a fitness program that fits your lifestyle – and one that will last beyond the 7 weeks, 21-days, or 12 week programs out there – can be difficult. Even just trying to workout on your own when you find the time, while trying to follow a path can be overwhelming and leave you simply feeling lost. Understanding some basic ground rules to working out, can help take the stress away and lead you to creating a program that works for you; a program that that is sustainable and will get you excited to complete every day.

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Father’s Day 2017 Ultimate Gifts

It’s around that time of year when you really want to honor the special men in your life – fathers. Sure, you could go out and grab a quick, mundane, same-as-all-the-rest Father’s Day card, but you know that the father you want to honor deserves a bit more. We’ve searched high and low to feature some of our Ultimate Father’s Day gifts for your special dad; gifts that truly speak from the deepest recesses of your heart that not only say, “I love you”, but also convey, “I love you as a father figure, and this is just a fraction of my appreciation of you.” Whether he’s the father of your children, your father, or a special father you are blessed to know, consider giving him something beyond the status quo of the redundancies of Father’s Day cards.

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