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Valentine’s Day Clothing for Kids We Love

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap, often referred to as “single’s awareness day” or a “Hallmark Holiday.” Ask any child and they’ll tell you what Valentine’s Day is about: love and sharing that love with others. Whether it’s sending Grandma a card full of hearts and glitter or picking out their favorite Paw Patrol Valentine for their friends, for kids, Valentine’s Day is about love. Spreading love is a force that will change the world, but who says they can’t look cute while doing it? No one. We’ve found those perfect Valentine’s outfits that will allow them to carry out their mission.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fashionista

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Do you know what you’re wearing yet?! These days, a Valentine’s Day date could be anything. A romantic dinner for two, a weekend getaway to a movie, or a round of miniature golf. Whichever you choose to do, there are tons of cute clothes to match your date plans. Whether you are going to a fancy dinner or your busy schedule only allows for a quick lunch date, we have compiled a full range of outfit options to help you make your choice. From tops and dresses, to shoes, makeup, and accessories, our Fashionista Gift Guide is your one stop shop for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits.

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Top Fashion and Beauty Gifts: Mother’s Day 2017

Being a mom means taking care of those around her, often before getting the time to take care of herself. Feeling beautiful and refreshed may come after a long laundry list of other things on the to-do list. This Mother’s Day, show her how much you appreciate what she does with a gift that’s just for her. We’ve rounded up our favorite fashion and beauty gifts that will help her feel beautiful and loved this spring.

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Fashion Guide – Summer 2016

Summertime fashion is the most fun. You can show a little skin. The patterns and colors are more vibrant. You can get a little flirty with your wardrobe and we love that! Besides looking amazing, you want clothes that will travel well and keep you cool and comfortable. You want accessories that will work with you even when you are on the go. We’ve put together some of our favorite styles in this Fashion Guide for the Summer of 2016. 

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YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! New way of undressing in public!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.04.25 PM
Getting out of that sticky wet bathing suit or sweat drenched workout gear when you’re ready to go home is a pain in the you know what. NOT ANYMORE!!! These clever folks have come up with the game changer in undressing in public areas. No more wrestling with towels or flashing your behind in your oversized t-shirt that clearly isn’t doing it’s job. This is awesome!
We want to know your embarrassing changing in public stories!! Share if you dare!


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Easy Summer Styles by Garnet Hill

Easy Summer Styles by Garnet Hill2

It is no secret that we are huge fans of Garnet Hill here at Daily Mom. From womenswear to gifts to home decor to kidwear and toys, they really offer the best quality products in each category. There is something about bright colors and beautiful designs that draws us to them every season.

But what Garnet Hill does best is spring and summer. No other brand can capture the feel of spring in their designs quite as well as Garnet Hill, with clean whites and happy colors that make you want to run to the beach or open a lemonade stand.

This spring we would like to feature Garnet Hill’s clothing lines. First is their women’s line that is as classic and unique as the brand itself. Following this post you will also learn about their line of clothing for girls.

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Spring Maternity Dresses by Ingrid & Isabel

As the weather warms up and your pregnant body continues to grow, you’re going to want to dress as comfortably as possible. Toss aside those baggy shorts and too-short tank tops and embrace the style and comfort of a really well made maternity dress. Ingrid & Isabel offers a line of dresses that promise to keep you comfortable while looking perfectly put together this spring and summer.

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