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5 Steps To Creating “Me” Time Despite All The Kids

What most people don’t realize is that I have A LOT more time to spare than they realize. I find it rather comical and tongue-biting when people naturally respond, “Wow, you’re a busy mom – you’ve got your hands full – they keep you busy don’t they?” Au contraire, my friend, I don’t feel “busy” at all. We have our daily tasks to do in order to keep everyone fed, the baby changed, and everyone in bed when we want them there. If that’s “busy,” well, I simply call it living and I’ll share with you 5 steps that I take in order to get “me” time without feeling busy or overwhelmed with a “To Do” List.  

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8 Ways to Take Time For Yourself When You Exclusively Breastfeed

When you’re a breastfeeding mother, it’s difficult to take time for yourself. Some breastfed babies don’t take bottles or pacifiers well, so you take the role of both for them. This means that as long as you breastfeed you can’t be more than a few minutes away from your baby, and this can get tiring. Baby comes first and sometimes mom gets neglected. It’s important to take time for yourself though. If you are recharged and rested you’re able to tackle everything life throws at you (sometimes literally if you have a toddler too!).

Here are some tips for spending time on yourself that work around your baby’s schedule.

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Things Only Moms Get Excited About

Things Only Moms Get Excited About PIN

Clean, folded laundry and coffee in the kitchen,
Freshly bathed children and matching socks and mittens,
Date night and showers and wearing earrings,
These are a few of our favorite things!

As moms, we work hard. And, in return? We ask for a solo shopping trip every once in a while, the occasional pedicure, maybe a monthly date night. In honor of Mother’s Day, we compiled a list of our favorite things as moms — things that get us excited and giddy and heel-clickingly happy!

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Tips for Making More Time for You

As a busy mom being pulled in one million directions, you may often feel that the days of “me time” are long gone. Or maybe every time you get a chance to take some time for yourself, the guilt sets in and that looming to-do list haunts you. While you can’t physically create more time in a day (we only have 24 hours to work with no matter what), you can always find ways to make time for yourself. Here are some tips to free up even just a few extra minutes of time for yourself each day. 

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