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Daily Mom Military: Married to the Military

I don’t know any military spouse that went looking to become a military spouse. Every spouse I know, it just kind of…happened. We met our husband or wife and fell in love. For some of us, they were already in the military. For others, it was a decision made after the marriage certificate had been signed. But for all of us, it’s nothing at all what we expected. In fact, most days, it feels like we are married to two people: we are married to our spouse and we are married to the military.

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Why I Redshirted My Child

Getting ready to send your baby to kindergarten is an emotional process for both the parents and the child. Many parents with summer or early fall babies, or “early” kindergarteners, often wonder if their child is in fact ready to head off to big kid school. There are many factors that a family may take into account when trying to decide to academically redshirt, or hold back, their child from entering kindergarten when they are of the appropriate age. Their child may not be academically or socially ready, they may be of small stature, or the parents may believe their child will have an advantage if they wait another year. Many experts believe that there is no benefit to academically redshirting children but each parent needs to make the best decision for their family and their child. Below is the story of one mom who decided to redshirt her child, and why she thinks it was their best decision.

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