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How to Deal with a Stranger’s Mean Kid

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Or at least that’s what they used to say. Nowadays the mentality is that everyone is to fend for themselves. Parenting in public is seen as a “mind your own business” mentality rather than something where society looks out for the well-being of one another’s children. Sometimes that can leave people in an awkward situation when they see a child that isn’t theirs misbehaving, especially if that child is being unkind to their own child. Do they step in and say something to the misbehaving child? Do they simply remove their child from the situation? Do they mention something to the parents? What if the parents aren’t around? Here are some tips on what you can do if you see a child being rude, disrespectful, mean, or unsafe.

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Misbehavior and One Simple Change that Could End the Chaos

It’s a practice taught in Classroom Management 101, highly relied on by teachers as the secret to preventing behavioral problems among the masses. In fact, most of us already implement this practice in one form or another, not even realizing its true potential — we just do it because that’s how we were raised. We’re talking about routines. Whether you’re a type A parent who likes everything in its place, or a little more of a free spirit, implementing a daily routine has the potential to stop tantrums before they even begin, giving you a little peace in your home and your child the gift of predictability and foresight. 

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