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10 Books Every High School Student Should Read Before Graduation

High school is the time when our kids truly begin to test their wings and gain some freedom while still in the safe confines of their parent’s embrace. On the verge of young adulthood with many more freedoms and responsibilities than ever before, this is such a critical period of development, maturity, and decision-making for our teens that we need to set them up for success. As parents, we need to gently direct them, support them, and accept them, regardless of many of the decisions they make. Mistakes made now matter, but hopefully are still correctable with Mom and Dad’s constant love and attention. Soon our children will spread their wings and fly out into a bigger, scarier, and much more competitive world than where we have sheltered them so far. As such, our children need to learn about the past, present, and future, and there is no better way to educate oneself than to read.

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