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2017 Baby Show Preview with Baby Deedee

There’s a seriously cool event about to happen in Anaheim, California: the JPMA Baby Show 2017! This world class trade show features the best of the best when it comes to products for families. This show combines an educational conference, trade show, and consumer day. The JPMA Baby Show runs May 9-13th. Like most trade shows, it is for industry insiders, but on May 13th there is a consumer day at the show! If you are in the Anaheim area, come check it out for yourself on May 13th.

We have some amazing brands that we will feature from the show. 2,000 to 3,000 attendees will be there, and our Managing Editor, Elena, is one of them. Elena is going to go live on Daily Mom’s Facebook from the JPMA Baby Show next week. Elena will have a special Facebook live event with the cool people from Baby Deedee, and we hope you will join us to check out their products and ask questions. In the meantime, here is a preview of what Baby Deedee is all about so you can get excited about what they will present at the JPMA Baby Show.

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I didn’t know that’s how a onesie is supposed to work!!!

This is a REALLY great tip for the times when you look at your little one and think, “how does that much poop come out of such a little body?” Diapers can only hold so much explosion before the poop has to go somewhere. That somewhere is usually up their back. Whether this is the reason onesies are designed this way or not, this is a great resource for this unavoidable moment in your little one’s day to day.


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