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Human (Sex) Trafficking and What You Need to Know

Recently, it seems as though every day there is an article in the news, on Facebook, or on television about a human trafficking operation and its victims. Most of us, well removed from the situation, simply glance at the media piece, thank God it’s not our children and move on never giving the issue a second thought. Unfortunately, this dark and discreet industry has become a part of our culture, a part of our country, and is much more flagrant and widespread than we may think.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators

In today’s digital age, kids are more technologically savvy than ever. Your kids probably play with apps on your smartphone and know how to watch videos on Youtube or record their favorite shows with the DVR. Parents use online learning games to teach their preschoolers everything from colors to phonics to counting. And it’s not uncommon for eight and nine year-olds to play games like Minecraft or visit websites linked to their favorite TV shows.

Kids should be encouraged to expand their horizons through computers, but it’s also important that they (and you as a parent) understand the dangers of online predators who can hide behind technology, and how to talk to your kids about it in order to keep them safe. 

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A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

By now you’ve heard of it and if you have kids over the age of 6, you could quite possibly be living it: MINECRAFT! It’s everywhere and all of the kids are talking about it. It’s by far one of the hottest games right now, available on all platforms from tablets, to the Wii, Playstation, Xbox and on your PC. By February 2014, Minecraft had been downloaded over 35 million times total: that’s a lot of blocks! If you are new to this world, you may be wondering “what is this game??“, “is it ok for my child to play?” or “I don’t get it!!” We have been there and are here to send a little rescue boat made of cubes to help steer you to shore and explain this wild world that your children are OBSESSED with.

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