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How to Deal with a Stranger’s Mean Kid

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Or at least that’s what they used to say. Nowadays the mentality is that everyone is to fend for themselves. Parenting in public is seen as a “mind your own business” mentality rather than something where society looks out for the well-being of one another’s children. Sometimes that can leave people in an awkward situation when they see a child that isn’t theirs misbehaving, especially if that child is being unkind to their own child. Do they step in and say something to the misbehaving child? Do they simply remove their child from the situation? Do they mention something to the parents? What if the parents aren’t around? Here are some tips on what you can do if you see a child being rude, disrespectful, mean, or unsafe.

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Why I Didn’t Redshirt My Child

Academically redshirting your child is a topic often discussed by parents as their children get ready to enter kindergarten. In short, redshirting your child for kindergarten means to hold them back from attending kindergarten even though they would otherwise be eligible to attend according to the state cutoff age. Although academic research has found no significant long-term difference in redshirting your child, many parents decide to do so in order to allow their child to grow and mature for an additional year. Some parents, however, decide that redshirting isn’t the best option. Even though their child is “young”, in that they have a later summer or early fall birthday, these parents decide their child is ready to head off to big kid school. Reasons vary, from their child being academically ready to wanting their child to finish their school career earlier. One mom decided to do just that – send her child to kindergarten early – despite others telling her it wasn’t the best decision. And she’s happy that she did. 

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Why I Redshirted My Child

Getting ready to send your baby to kindergarten is an emotional process for both the parents and the child. Many parents with summer or early fall babies, or “early” kindergarteners, often wonder if their child is in fact ready to head off to big kid school. There are many factors that a family may take into account when trying to decide to academically redshirt, or hold back, their child from entering kindergarten when they are of the appropriate age. Their child may not be academically or socially ready, they may be of small stature, or the parents may believe their child will have an advantage if they wait another year. Many experts believe that there is no benefit to academically redshirting children but each parent needs to make the best decision for their family and their child. Below is the story of one mom who decided to redshirt her child, and why she thinks it was their best decision.

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10 Parenting Lessons To Learn from The Walking Dead

Raise your hand if you love The Walking Dead! We are big fans here at Daily Mom. We’ve been watching for years. For many of us, our love for The Walking Dead began before our children were even born. What makes this show so excellent isn’t the gross zombies and special effects, it is the character development. We learn lessons right along with the characters. As they change, we change and we take away new things to think about after every episode. They might be surviving a zombie apocalypse but we are surviving parenthood and some days, that feels like the same thing. Spoiler Alert! If you aren’t caught up through Season 6, please don’t read this. With Season 7 premiering, we thought we would bring you 10 parenting lessons from The Walking Dead.

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The Only Advice New Parents Need

I have one piece of advice for expectant parents about to embark on the journey of brand new parenthood. Just one thing, and I will share it unsolicited because I think it is that important, and I am confident that if you can follow this advice, your first year of parenthood will be a lot less stressful for you, your partner and your baby. It is something I realized early on and it continues to guide my parenting today. Are you ready? Here it is:

The things you do to keep your baby calm today are not habits that will last a lifetime!

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“Boys Will Be Boys” – Theories On Men, Divorce & How We Raise Our Sons

According to a recent study by the legal website, Avvo, having a partner is more important to men. Specifically, 20% more women than men report that they’d rather be “alone, successful, and happy, than in a relationship where they’re not happy.” Also, 12% more women agree with the statement, “I don’t regret my divorce,” than men.

Twenty and twelve percent are big differences, statistically speaking. They demonstrate a shockingly acute disparity between the genders. While it’s likely that there are many factors at play here, my suspicion is that the greatest is hidden not in biology, but in culture.

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If Tomorrow Never Came : Parenting With No Regrets

Shortly after my first child was born, an online friend of mine lost her baby. She was 7 months old. There are no words to describe a loss like that. No words of comfort. No words of peace. There is just a void that is felt in your world – a gut wrenching emptiness that grasps the very core of your being and doesn’t ever let go. And those were just my feelings – for the loss of a child of a woman I barely knew. My heart ached for her. I cried for her. I weeped for her sweet baby. And then I weeped for my sweet baby as thoughts of “what ifs” played through my head over and over again in the days that followed. 

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5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Crushing Your Child’s Spirit

As parents, it is your job to raise your children to be independent, thoughtful, intelligent adults. You are given the gift of these beautiful, innocent human beings. These precious lives are placed into your hands – completely pure – like blank pages in a freshly bound book. From the very first moment you look into their eyes, you vow to them – and to yourself – that you are going to love them unconditionally, protect them with every fiber of your being, teach them through life experiences, and bring the world to their fingertips in every way you possibly can. 

Those first blissful days roll into weeks, and you’re exhausted, but drunk on life and love and the idea that you – YOU – are solely responsible for molding and shaping these little people into who they are going to be when you set them free into the world. It’s a pretty incredibly feeling. And it’s also incredibly frightening…

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Teaching Our Daughters to Be Assertive

As parents, it’s important for us to teach our daughters to be assertive. Being assertive means being honest, direct and clear while maintaining mutual respect. A girl can speak her mind and still be respectful of others at the same time.

Studies have shown that assertiveness training can significantly increase girls’ self-esteem, confidence, independence, motivation, and future success. It’s so important for kids, especially girls, to learn how to speak their minds. Girls are still often taught to be nice, sweet, and quiet, while boys are encouraged to speak up and go for what they want.

With that in mind, today we’ll discuss six ways to teach our daughters to be assertive.

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6 Ways to Calmly Respond to Your Toddler

6 Ways to Calmly Respond To Your Toddler

Toddlers regularly experience big emotions. In some cases, it’s the excitement of realizing something for the first time and they want our full attention. In other cases, it’s the result of feeling hungry, tired, overwhelmed or overstimulated and unable to express their anger, frustration or upset feelings in words. We commonly refer to the later as tantrums that should be minimized or eliminated as quickly as possible. 

Either way, much of modern parenting advice tells us that our children should learn to self-soothe. That we should ignore these episodes or use time outs, and that if we are constantly responding to our toddler’s cries for attention, that they will never learn independence.

However, we’d like to offer six ways to calmly respond to your toddler as a way to reconnect with your little one, meet their needs and help them learn self-regulation skills. 

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3 Conflict-Free Ways to Discuss Infant Feeding

As a new mom, we’ve all had that awkward moment where we are not sure if we can ask another mom for advice about feeding because we are afraid to start a breast vs. bottle debate. 

If you feed your infant formula, breastfeeding moms think you don’t care about the health of your baby.  If you are a breastfeeding mom, formula feeding moms think you are an exhibitionist that feels superior to them.  A few extremely negative people may hold those opinions.  However, the overwhelming majority of moms just do the best they can and spend more time feeling judged themselves rather than actually judging others. 

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3 Ways to Avoid Being Late…with KIDS!

3 Ways to Avoid Being Late With Kids 

We all know how difficult it can be to balance all of the demands of raising a family. From waking the kids up to go to school in the morning, to getting ready for bed, the hours in-between can feel as if you’re running a race. Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves over-committed and falling behind. 

As a result, most moms are constantly running late. We hope to change that with today’s 3 simple tips. 

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