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The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins: TTC through Breastfeeding Baby


Whether beginning to plan for baby #1 or deciding to add to your growing family, the importance of prenatal vitamins for mama and growing baby is essential to a healthy pregnancy and beyond. From the moment you make the decision to embark upon the journey that is parenthood, you need to start thinking and planning for both you and your baby’s health. Ensuring that your body has the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to conceive another human being and then to successfully sustain you both for the next 9 months is essential to a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth.

Once you are sure you are ready to start trying to conceive, the first thing you need to do is start taking a prenatal vitamin. A common misconception is that prenatal vitamins are only necessary once you become pregnant. However, the truth is that prenatal vitamins should begin as a part of your TTC routine and continue throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal or postnatal vitamins should then continue to be consumed to ensure the continued health of the mother and a breastfeeding baby until breastfeeding ends. At Mother’s Select, they have carefully crafted a vitamin regime to easily transition you through every phase of this journey from TTC through breastfeeding and infant care.

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Tips for Optimal Fetal Positioning

Tips for Optimal Fetal Positioning

The nursery is coming together, the checklist for your new baby is in progress, and you’re patiently waiting to meet your bundle of joy. But is your baby ready? As you may know, the ideal position for a baby to be born is head down and facing towards your back. Usually babies naturally get into this position by the end of pregnancy, however, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to help encourage the baby to get into this position.

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Prenatal Genetic Screening, is it for YOU?

Prenatal Genetic Screening -

The moment you see that positive pregnancy test you are bombarded with a wealth of information. And for many of us, several health related thoughts immediately flood our minds. Am I doing everything I can to create a “perfect” environment for my baby? Is the baby growing? Is the baby going to be healthy? And so forth. Within the last few decades modern medicine and research has allowed for some of these worries to be put to rest with Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnostics. If you are newly pregnant, here are some factors to consider in your prenatal care.

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Relaxing Remedies For Your Pregnant Body

The art of being pregnant can sometimes leave your body feeling fatigued, stressed out, and downright painful at times. Keeping your stress levels low, and relaxing is an age old suggestion, but sometimes, it’s not that easy. We are here to help you with some easy ways to relax and soothe your expanding body – and best yet, they are all natural!

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Making The Most Of Your Pregnancy


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You see those two pink lines and you instantly fall into a euphoric state of pregnancy bliss. You begin daydreaming about decorating the nursery and shopping for sleepers. And then, as instantly as it came, that feeling of bliss that has taken over your entire body has turned into morning sickness, swelling, fatigue and irritability. As good as laying on the couch for the next nine months sounds, the following is a list of things you should try to do during your pregnancy to not only prepare yourself for what lies ahead, but to commemorate the journey itself.

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Pregnancy-Safe Fitness

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ou were a fitness guru, yoga body-pretzel, or maybe just the occasional treadmill jogger before pregnancy but ever since that positive pregnancy test you are at a loss. What level of fitness is safe for you during pregnancy? What exercises and classes are safe for you and for your baby? Fret no longer, we have 9 exercises for you that are pregnancy-safe!

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Your Vitamins: Explained

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Sure, we’ve all heard that anecdote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but have we considered its relevance when it comes to our vitamins? Often we can prevent common sickness by starting a daily vitamin regimen rather than spending hundreds of dollars on doctor visits and prescriptions for what began as a common cold.

Even if you do take your vitamins faithfully like your mother always told you, you may not know why they are important or what they are truly doing for your well-being. Here we have broken down the ingredients of your vitamin bottles into facts that are easier to swallow.

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