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Easy “Print and Stick” DIY Valentines For Kids

Easy DIY valentines

Whether Valentines has you swooning over homemade options of creativity, or rolling your eyes over one more thing you don’t have time for, there are easy DIY Valentines ideas just for you. What if you could find a Valentines card that looks homemade, is oozing with cuteness overload, and all you have to do is PRINT and STICK? Sign me up! Each of the printable options listed below are easy to access and come with no strings attached.

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My Funny Valentine: 10 Punny Card Ideas

Brightly colored hearts and personalized mailboxes mean it’s time for Valentine’s Day! Half the fun of Valentine’s Day is the picking of the perfect classroom cards full of cheesy and amazing puns for your littles to hand out to all their friends. Young hearts can be won or lost on Valentine’s Day, all thanks to a well timed pun.

Thanks to creative designers you can pick out the perfect cards for the whole crew and print at home the night before the classroom party. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Valentine’s Day card puns to help you choo-choo choose the best card for your little’s Valentine celebration.

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