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What Being Separated For a Year Has Taught Me

I’m separated… from my husband of would-have-been nine years this past spring. There’s no need to go into the gory details that led to the most tumultuous time in my young life of 29 years. If you’ve been married for any significant length of time, then you probably have a good idea of what can go wrong. I didn’t expect this, though. I wasn’t the wife who one day woke up and stopped loving her husband, or who decided she wanted different things, or just hated his quirks and decided to jump ship. I was side swiped. Never saw it coming. Until it did… and for the last 12 months, I’ve been trying to understand what went wrong, baffled how I never saw parts of it beginning to unravel, and coming to grips with what my new future is to hold, which still is a mysterious black hole looming in front of me.

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Why Not To Worry When Baby Plays Favorites

When your infant or toddler seems to prefer one caregiver over another, it’s hard not to feel hurt. Although it is a common and normal stage of child development to play favorites with one provider, it is also common for the less-preferred adult to feel left-out. Sometimes understanding why a behavior is occurring can help beat back the challenges that accompany the behavior. Here we address some of the reasons why your child may be playing favorites with one caregiver and how you can deal without feeling burned.

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5 Ways to Help Your Baby Through Separation Anxiety

As moms, especially new moms, we are quick to make sure that our child is reaching all of the appropriate developmental stages at the correct time. We are excited when our baby first smiles, we text all the family the first time he holds his head up alone, and we are sure to catch his first attempt at crawling on video. Watching a baby develop during that first year of life is one of the most wonderful experiences.

We all know, though, that raising a baby is not all fun and smiles. We cringe the first time our child starts shrieking when we leave the room to pee. We cry ourselves as we leave for an outing watching our screaming baby reaching for us and acting like Grandma is chopped liver. We live out our days in sleep deprivation from the long nights that require endless rocking and soothing our baby who refuses to allow us to leave her room. Did you know that those moments, although painful and heart-wrenching, are actually part of a normal, healthy developmental stage that is important for babies to go through? Welcome to the stage of SEPARATION ANXIETY. We are here to help you and your baby get through this stage with as few tears as possible.

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