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Cups For Kids – Is Silicone Dominating Plastic?

Is it the new “plastic”? Hardly! Think silicone, safe, and then switch to these cups for kids because that is exactly what parents should be doing. 100% safe, dishwasher friendly, and ready to travel, you won’t believe these cups for kids are simply silicone. If you are on the go, even in your own home (because really, we don’t have time for spills), the Silikids tableware is replacing the plastics in the kitchen – FAST! 

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Stockings are often overlooked and end up being stuffed with candy and a toothbrush. However, you don’t have to stuff your stockings with stuff you grabbed at the last minute at the pharmacy. Take the small size of stocking gifts as a fun challenge and find little treasures that will be useful and loved at the same time. You can make opening up stockings at your house just as fun as opening big presents with a little creativity. Check out these fun ideas!

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Back to School Lunch Gear 2015

Lunch is an essential part of the school day. A nutritious lunch can give your children the energy they need to stay focused, pay attention in class, and better learn the information presented to them. In order to ensure that you are dually prepared for lunchtime this year we have gathered up some great lunchbags, boxes and accessories to ensure that they will be ready for lunch in style! From eco-friendly to really convenient options-there is something for everyone.

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Silikids Practical & Modern Tableware for Kids


Finding a line of children’s cups and feeding products that are safe for children, void of  potential health harming chemicals and eye-catching is like finding that needle in a haystack. A newer company on the market, Silikids, is packing the punch of all that… and then some! A company that cares about the safety of our children, the environment and produces a product which is still fantastic, certainly deserves more than just a short mention. Today we want to introduce you to a product that satisfies so many mom requirements and helps to bridge the gap between a safe product and an affordable product!

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Editors’ View: Favorite Travel Products

We recently showed you the Insider’s Look at the ABC Expo, where you learned that two of our editors traveled to Las Vegas to attend the ABC Kids Expo. We scouted out the best of the best products to feature on Daily Mom in the future, and are so excited to share those items with you. During our traveling adventures, we got to test out, first hand, many items that ease the burden of traveling for you and the kids, and make the process more fun.  These are our hand picked, favorite, time tested travel products that really made our lives easier and our kids happier.

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