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Hold The Sugar: A Healthy First Birthday Cake Alternative

hold the sugar a healthy first birthday cake alternative

Many consider the first birthday cake to be a rite of passage into introducing your baby to her/his first taste of sugar. There are many reasons, however, to hold off the sugar for at least a little while longer. Though, just because you have decided to delay introducing sugar to your child, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the popular smash cake photo opportunity and experience. We’ve come up with a delicious no sugar added cake recipe, perfect for your little one and health conscious adults alike.

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Baby’s First Birthday: Must Take Photos

Baby's First Birthday: Must Take Photos{Photo credit: With A Red Bird On My Shoulder}

Your baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone. While you’re busy planning the theme, gathering decorations, sending out invitations and ordering the cake; it’s so easy to overlook one very important element: the photography. Whether you hire a photographer (a fad that’s becoming more and more common today – as many parents want to capture every moment of their loved one’s big day, but also not have to worry about being stuck behind the camera the entire time) or take photos yourself, the following is a checklist of must-take photos of your baby’s big day!

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