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Meet the Real Daily Moms

Meet the Real Daily Moms v2

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mothers out there! Here at Daily Mom we are known for bringing you useful and informative articles packed with gorgeous photography. We are a fun loving group of moms, but you certainly shouldn’t let that fool you. Like many of you, many of our days end in tears and frustration and some days we aren’t entirely sure that we are cut out for this mothering gig. Though we all have different parenting styles and fight different daily battles, one thing is for certain – we all love our children to pieces. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, today we are getting “real” with you and bringing you a little bit of real life from all the wonderful moms who make up our team.

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8 Ways to Deal with the (Almost) Terrible Twos

So you think your child is a little ahead of the game and is already showing signs of the terrible twos months before their 2nd birthday? How in the world do you handle it?

Patience, patience and more patience.

Though you may not have had a toddler go through the terrible twos before, more than likely you have had a friend or family member whose child has, so you may believe you’re an expert by default. Whatever the case, today we’ll look at 8 ways we’re dealing with those (almost) terrible twos. 

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The Terrific Two’s: Tips to Make the Two’s Easier

When dealing with your two year-old you need to remember the three C’s: communication, choice, and consistency. If you can remember these three things you will be able to deal with your two year-old a lot more effectively. 

Part one of the Terrific Two’s discussed why two’s act the way they do, now we can look at ways to reduce the tantrums and make life a little easier and a lot more fun. 

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6 Ways to Calmly Respond to Your Toddler

6 Ways to Calmly Respond To Your Toddler

Toddlers regularly experience big emotions. In some cases, it’s the excitement of realizing something for the first time and they want our full attention. In other cases, it’s the result of feeling hungry, tired, overwhelmed or overstimulated and unable to express their anger, frustration or upset feelings in words. We commonly refer to the later as tantrums that should be minimized or eliminated as quickly as possible. 

Either way, much of modern parenting advice tells us that our children should learn to self-soothe. That we should ignore these episodes or use time outs, and that if we are constantly responding to our toddler’s cries for attention, that they will never learn independence.

However, we’d like to offer six ways to calmly respond to your toddler as a way to reconnect with your little one, meet their needs and help them learn self-regulation skills. 

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DIY Calm Down Jar for Toddlers

Quick and Easy DIY Calm Down Jar for Toddlers

Discipline can be one of the hardest parts of parenthood. So, finding a tool that helps parents communicate with their child in times of trial is very important. Parents of toddlers, especially very active, passionate, and heated toddlers, often have to go through a number of different tools to find a those that work. A “calm down jar”can be a great tool to help toddlers during tantrums. Read on to learn how to make a quick and easy jar for your toddler.

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