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Uptalking Your Teen Daughter

She needs to hear that it’s better than “okay” and “you’re good enough”. Our teen girls are constantly bombarded with the social “standards” of what beauty and brains should be (not to mention individuality). What happens when she’s alone with her own thoughts and reality? Is she able to decipher her perception of situations from reality? What you say to her can elevate her to a new standard of self-confidence, or the lack of can leave her in f.e.a.r – (the false evidence appearing real) of her own self-worth.

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Chat With Your Teen (Or Tween) About Snapchat Safety

The drive for technology, ease of use, and endless entertainment possibilities have vigorously overtaken the once simple-to-use device: the telephone. Not only has it gone cordless, it has become one of America’s most necessary devices to stay in touch with life, family, business and… entertainment. Now this technology falls into the hands of our younger counter parts, accessing the many worlds beyond their front door – right in the palm of their hands. 

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Human (Sex) Trafficking and What You Need to Know

Recently, it seems as though every day there is an article in the news, on Facebook, or on television about a human trafficking operation and its victims. Most of us, well removed from the situation, simply glance at the media piece, thank God it’s not our children and move on never giving the issue a second thought. Unfortunately, this dark and discreet industry has become a part of our culture, a part of our country, and is much more flagrant and widespread than we may think.

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Back To School: Backpack Guide 2016

Whether school already began for your kids or their first day back is right around the corner, one thing is for sure: they can’t take just any old backpack. From preschoolers to the high school bound, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks of backpacks to suit anyone’s needs. These backpacks are not only functional and durable, but modern and stylish for any personality. 

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Closing the Teen-Parent Communication Gap

Got A Teen-Parent Communication Gap? 

Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, SnapChat, Messenger, AGHGH! How can a parent compete? Good news. You don’t. Here’s a powerful realization for you: You are the parent. You are the sole ‘owner’ of your child. Though those other applications may hinder your communication with your teen, they can’t completely replace you; and guess what? Your teen really doesn’t want them to. To them, those “distractions” are simply a temporary filler until you are available. With these tips, you can help develop and keep a healthy, stable and relaxed communication link with your teens despite social influences.

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3 Great Activities to Do With Tween and Teenaged Grandchildren

Sometimes it’s difficult for grandparents to come up with an activity to do with tween and teenage grandchildren. Will the grandkids think the activity is too juvenile? Will they be bored with it? Will they turn up their nose and not participate?

One way to grab grandkids’ interest is to base your activity around something that they are very connected to – their cell phone. Kids spend a lot of time talking, texting, and doing social media on them.

Use that interest as a springboard for activities to do with them. Because of their strong interest in their phones, they will automatically be interested in participating in activities that requires them to use it.

Here are three activities that you and your grandchildren can easily do together using smart phones that have a camera.

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Back to School Beauty Basics

Back to School Season has come in like a lion and seems to be in full swing. Maybe your kids started in very early August, or maybe their first day is rapidly approaching. Regardless of when they start, one thing is for certain-if you have pre-teen or teenage girls you are certainly in for more than just clothes, shoes and new backpack shopping. Girls everywhere are concerned at younger ages than ever about things like hair-do’s, makeup and skin care. Many times, once your kids are rounding middle school, gone are the days of messy hair and unadorned faces. Today, we would like to tackle what can be a tough topic for many parents to come to terms with – the “beauty habits” of their teens. From some tips to a few great recommendations, this will hopefully ease some of the concerns you have or help to give them a good starting point.

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4 Tips for getting your teens excited about a family vacation

Family vacations are a way to reconnect with your spouse and children. Taking a break from the daily demands of work, school, and chores gives families an opportunity to spend quality time together. However, as your children get older you may notice that the togetherness you once took for granted when they were younger is slowly slipping away.

Any time spent with your teen is most likely spent with their heads in a phone or their hands holding a remote control. A family vacation at this stage in their teen lives requires a lot more thoughtful planning and patience. Think about these tips the next time you are sitting around the kitchen table planning your next “family vacation”.

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Making Chores Fun with Chore Charts

We know that our kids would rather do anything other than their chores. Hey, we as adults usually feel the same way! You’d think they would have made the definition of chores more uplifting and positive, instead of “an unpleasant, but necessary task.” Instead of, or at least in addition to forcing these unpleasant tasks upon our kids, let’s try to add a little bit of fun and motivation into the mix. Not only for their sake, but also for ours.

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Toddlers and Teenagers: The Stunning Similarities

Being a mother of a teen can be grueling. One day your child has glitter, rainbows, and sunshine coursing through her veins, the next it seems she is fresh cut from an Exorcist scene. One day he wants to hug you and play catch in the driveway, the next he pretends he doesn’t know you and hides away in his room clinging to nothing but his iPhone. There are hormones, social pressures, unexplained fears and exciting new adventures. It is easy to get drawn into the drama of your child’s freshly found independence and rebellion, but a slight shift in perspective will prove to save your sanity. Read more to find out how tools from the toddler years equip you with framework for facing these challenges.

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4 Ways to Simplify your Crazy-Busy Life

How many times a day have you felt overwhelmed and over-scheduled? Twice? Five times? A hundred times? Yeah, us too! Today’s moms are putting more and more pressure on themselves to live these Pinterest-worthy lives and thus are often left feeling over-scheduled, over-stimulated and over-stressed. In our efforts to live the ‘good life,’ we can easily find ourselves overwhelmed by seemingly endless choices, decisions and activities. If we can learn to simplify our lives, even just a little, we can begin to try to give ourselves time to remember who we are and what’s really important in our lives.

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6 Fun Sleepover Activities for Girls

Has your daughter been begging you for a sleepover party? Maybe it’s just one or two friends or maybe she wants an all out slumber party extravaganza, either way you need to be prepared! First thing is be sure she is ready for this kind of event and if you feel like she is, then it’s time to begin the fun part: planning what to do! Just like any birthday party, there are oodles of themes you can choose from for activities for your girls to do, some more simple and some more complex. To get your started, we have rounded up six awesome activities that are sure to keep these girls from complaining about being “bored!”

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Gifts for Teens And Tweens

Ah, the tweens and teens in our lives. Those hard to buy for, ultra-picky, always changing their mind, 8-12 year olds and 13+ kids who drive us crazy every holiday season! Instead of (or in addition to) the usual high-priced trendy tech gadget that most of these kids want, give them something different this year. We have rounded up some unique and beautiful items that your tween and teen will be happy to show off to all their friends. Not to mention a few items that are not only fun and hip, but actually incorporate learning and encourage creativity. It’s a win-win!   

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Naartjie Kids Summer 2014 Collection & Giveaway

This summer we are loving the ability to mix and match Naartjie Kids’ beautifully coordinated summer clothing for girls.  This season’s collection is inspired by colorful large scale macaw floral print mixed with smaller tonal tropic and orinoko floral prints. These fabulous styles are finished with an eclectic mix of trims including brightly colored embroidered flowers, contrast bobble trim, sporty printed tapes, and wood buttons and beads. Between soft slub knits and woven lawn separates, multiple outfits can be created from their playful, vibrant, active, colorful, and natural kid-friendly pieces.

Not only do we think you’ll love this collection too, but we’re offering one of our readers a chance to win a $100 gift card to Naartjie Kids. Be sure to read all the details at the end of this post.

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