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Luxury Baby Products Worth the Investment

Shopping for a new baby is a daunting task. Just step one foot into any baby store and you are suddenly surrounded with various products from floor to ceiling. And, there are some baby things that might cost a little more, but they cost more for a reason. Not all baby products are created equal. After personally experiencing countless baby products as a team, we’ve put together this list of luxury baby products that are worth the investment. Invest in baby products based on your lifestyle and priorities. When you choose any of these products for your family, you are investing in better safety, in products that keep baby close and promote bonding, in enriching toys, and in products that simply make your life as a parent easier – and we think all of that is worthy of the investment!

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Editor’s Top Picks from the JPMA 2017 Baby Show

This spring, JPMA, the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association, put on its first ever baby show. Incredible brands offering the newest and greatest products for babies and young children all came together at the Anaheim Convention Center for a trade show that also included a consumer day! Daily Mom editor, Elena, went there to check out all the exciting innovations happening in the world of prenatal and baby care. She met with so many brands, manufacturers, and designers. She asked the questions we all want to ask. She looked for products that really make life with a baby easier and shared what she found with us. Here are our Editor’s Top Picks from the JPMA 2017 Baby Show.

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Don’t Miss Daily Mom at the JPMA Baby Show 2017

This week in Anaheim, California, the best brands for all things baby are gathering for the JPMA Baby Show. It is so exciting to see all the new products and innovations happening in the world of prenatal and baby care and everyone who is anyone in the baby world will be there. If you have never heard of the JPMA Baby Show, that’s because it is brand new. This huge event, happening May 9-13th, is a first for the JPMA. Curious? Want to know who the JPMA is and what will happen at this event? Daily Mom will be coming to you LIVE from the show. We’ve got you covered with all that information and more. 

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