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Crafts for 10 Favorite Children’s Books

Reading can take us on imaginative adventures great and small with a few simple words, and, in some cases, with a few pictures or illustrations too. Want to bring the fun even more “to life” with your kids and help encourage their love of reading?

Here are 10 favorite kid’s books, and crafts perfect for pairing with them.

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18 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Favorite Books

These days, many kids choose their Halloween costumes based on their favorite t.v. and movie characters. That means that this year, you’ll probably see a lot of Elsas from Frozen, minions from Despicable Me, turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pirate Jakes from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So, why not instead turn your child to their favorite books for inspiration? Many of the most beloved children’s book characters have a whole series of books built around them. Therefore, one potential perk of dressing your child as one of these characters is that it might even give them a little motivational boost to try out a newer (or older) book in the series!  And–getting your child to read more is always a win-win situation, right?

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