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Jewelry Gift Guide for Holiday 2016 #dmholiday16

Jewelry makes a great gift for all holidays, and there are few other gifts that can carry the sentiment and nostalgia that jewelry can. Though all women may have different tastes, there is surely a piece of jewelry in this guide that will warm her heart and she would be delighted to find under the tree. Our Jewelry Gift Guide has some beautiful and inspiring ideas for gifts to wow and delight the special women in your life.  

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Daily Mom Spotlight: Soothing Scents from Chesapeake Bay Candle

A scent can take your mind on an adventure, dig up precious memories, and alert your senses to a new high. Whether it’s a familiar scent or a brand new one, there’s nothing more relaxing than savoring the fragrance of life. To make your home and your space a soothing atmosphere, candles are the classic way to deliver scents that fit your personality or give you the qualities you need at that moment. Chesapeake Bay Candle has been providing consumers with a wide array of candles, fragrance carriers, and accessories for over 20 years, making them one of the most popular candle brands around the world.

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