5 Stretches to Alleviate Hand and Wrist Pain

5 stretches to alleviate hand and wrist pain

With technology booming these days we are utilizing our hands in tedious, repetitious motions now more than ever. Whether it be spending countless hours on the computer, phone, or any repetitive task we perform with our hands that is often job related. As busy moms we often put our health and needs on the back burner, however, in order to live a happy healthy life everyone (including ourselves) needs to be cared for properly. Luckily some health matters, such as stretching much needed joints, are simple and can be done without “setting aside” precious time away from our family. Ready to learn a few quick and simple stretches to alleviate hand and wrist pain?

There are a total of 27 bones in each of our hands and wrists. In turn, there are numerous associated structures consisting of nerves, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and much more. Considering we use our hands the moment we wake up, it is important to properly stretch our hands. 

Most of us at some point have had soreness, pain, or tenderness in our hands and wrists. Here are 5 simple stretches to guide you in giving those hands and wrists some TLC.

Squeeze and Release

Make a fist with both hands curling your fingers towards your palms, then slowly release your grip and extend your fingers until they are straight. Picture yourself releasing all the tension in your extremities the moment you release your grip.

Finger Pulls

With a neutral wrist gently pull back (towards your body) on each finger. This will stretch each finger individually, counteracting most activities we do with our hands on a daily basis. 

Wrist Extension and Flexion

With one arm extended outward and parallel to the ground, use your other hand to gently push on the back of your hand so that your finger tips point towards the ground. This is called wrist extension. 

Wrist flexion is just the opposite. Use your hand to gently push on your palm on the extended arm so that your fingers now point to the sky. This is a great stretch for busy wrists using the computer often. 

Wrist Circles

Just as it sounds, gently move your wrists in circles, both clockwise and counterclockwise to get the maximum benefits out of this stretch. Your hands should remain in a relaxed position while you do this, paying close attention to not make a fist. 

Forearm Rotations

Hold your arms at a 90º angle with your forearms parallel to the floor and elbows at your side. Start with your palms facing up and rotate your forearms inward so that your palms face down. Repeat this rotation several times in slow fluid motions.

The 5 stretches above can be done during any free moment in the day. Perhaps while you are waiting at a stoplight in the car, or in the shower. Be creative to fit important stretches like these into your day.

Once you become aware of the need to stretch, performing the stretches will become second nature to your daily routine. Your body will graciously thank you for giving it the time of day you truly deserve!

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This post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. Please read our terms of use for more information.

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