8 Easy Things You Can Do in 8 Seconds

People often complain that they don’t have time to do what they want. And yes, this statement is very relevant for moms. How many times have you wanted to have a rest for at least one minute? But sometimes it seems impossible, because a mom should be a ninja and a superhero at the same time!

However, if you are a mom, you know how to do everything quickly, clearly, and without any problems. On top of that, there are things which you can do in several seconds. So, what are they?

1. Repeat Affirmation

Affirmations are a perfect way to affect your subconscious so that you become motivated, energized, and inspired. In fact, this simple technique may change your mood, behavior, and the perception of the world.

Sometimes you go bananas when you become fed up with your parenting duties. If this happens, stop. Breathe. Repeat the affirmation. It will calm you down, motivate, keep your mind focused, and make you feel positive and active. It is a great way to get rid of moral pressure, doubts, and negative thoughts. Repeat it at any time; you just should believe that something good is about to happen.

These affirmations may be different. For instance, for success, you may say, “Success and prosperity are flowing into my life,” for happiness, say, “Happiness is the part of my life” or “I deserve to be happy.” Also, you may use this health affirmation, “Health and energy fill each cell of my body every day.”

2. Express Your Affection for Loved Ones

During the hectic days when you tackle diverse issues, you should find some time to tell your loved ones how much you love them. Everybody needs affection, the affirmation of feelings, and a tactile contact. Within eight seconds, you may send love messages to your Mr. Right, kiss a baby, give a hug, or simply say, “I love you.” As moms, we understand that our children and husbands need us every single second, so put aside all your tasks and just show them that you care.

3. Stretch

One way or another, mothers experience stress when they have a full load. Therefore, it affects not only mental but also physical health. Take time to relax. Sit in a lotus pose, then contract for eight seconds; it’ll activate your muscles. Then take a rest. Repeat this activity three or four times per day.

This exercise will not only improve your flexibility and relieve tension and pain in the muscles, but it will also stimulate the cardiovascular system and improve your mood, giving you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

4. Smile

It is so simple, but often we forget to do it. When you are in a hurry, you focus on urgent issues and don’t have time to smile. It’s wrong. Of course, a smile is not a panacea for problems, but it is very useful! It stimulates the release of hormones of happiness. Smiling helps to overcome a bad mood. On top of that, it can change the mood of other people, because when you smile, it is impossible not to smile back. Scientists have proven that children smile up to 400 times a day, so we need to follow their example and find happiness in trials.

5. Calm down

When emotions are overwhelming you, it is better to take a break. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and do nothing for eight seconds. Let your body re-balance itself. This time is enough to clear your head, overcome anxiety, and become happier and less stressful.

6. Be Grateful

Even if you have your fingers in a lot of pies, find time to say, “Thank you.” Being grateful is very important, because you realize your blessings and understand how beautiful and happy your life is. Start your day with gratitude for all that you have. Be thankful when good things come your way. Appreciate your family.

Also, it is significant to thank strangers when they help you. A simple phrase can make a person smile, cheer him up, or even make them happy. Therefore, give happiness and thank people more often; the world needs more of that.

7. Update Your To-Do List

Moms keep so many things in their mind, but still, they can’t remember everything. So, a to-do list is a must. It takes much time to accomplish all goals, but usually several seconds are enough to rethink something and to write it down. You can just add a new note on your phone or record an audio reminder.

8. Turn on the Music

Various rhythms surround a person throughout their life. They are able to raise their mood and even adjust their body to reduce pain. Music promotes relaxation and self-regulation.

For example, turn on classical music; it will help you to control emotions better and reduce nervousness. Or choose a dance tune; it will charge you with energy and improve your mobility.

You’ll have a desire to tap your toes and sing along; it will brighten up your day!

Thereby, a statement “I don’t have enough time” is no longer an excuse! After all, so many wonderful and useful things can be done in eight seconds. All you need is to understand that every instant of the day is priceless and unchangeable, so fill every moment with joy, warmth, love, happiness, and gratitude.

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This is a guest post by author Jimmie Greer. Jimmie Greer is an editor of Sweety Text Messages. He likes to share his thoughts with the people around him. His writing on motivation and love has appeared to make our lives better. Jimmie believes in fairness and human wisdom.

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