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The New Year and your New Year’s resolutions may have already become a thing of the past but the good news is that Spring has more than sprung and Summer is on the horizon. The better news? Daily Mom is launching our Get Fit Initiative.

With the nicer weather in full swing, we want to help you get up, get out and get moving. All of us here at Daily Mom will be right alongside you , doing the same thing and offering encouragement. Be sure you keep up with our initiative for some great tips, recipes, ideas, activewear fashion (because it’s crucial to look good while getting in shape), family fun activities and inspiration on getting fit and being healthy. Remember,this is Daily Mom so we understand the responsibilities that come with having children and family as top priorities. We are here to help you work getting fit and healthy into your everyday life.

As Moms it can be difficult, and rightfully so, to find time to take care of ourselves. Everyday we pour ourselves into our children, our families, our work and the busyness known as “day to day life” and likely we hardly give ourselves enough credit. What we may forget sometimes is that the health and happiness of our children and families relies on our own health and happiness. Undoubtably, we are better partners, parents, daughters, sisters and people when we take care of ourselves. Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes taking care of ourselves ends up pretty low on the totem pole.

Without any further introduction we would like to welcome you to the kick off of our Daily Mom Get Fit Initiative



A healthier lifestyle is something most people hope to achieve, but usually it seems to be easier said than done. Maybe eating healthier and exercising more is something that you keep telling yourself you will get around to at some point. Well, there is no better time than the present. Even if the steps you make seem small, they are really huge strides to a healthier lifestyle for your whole family. We are here to help you over the course of the next few months. We will be offering tips and inspiration, stories about our own struggles and triumphs with fitness and nutrition, recipes, guides to the best activewear and so much more.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? We hope so! Get out, get moving and get cooking with us in this nice weather. Whether you are cooking up a healthy new recipe, going for an evening walk with the family, tackling a new workout routine or grocery shopping in clean style be sure to share your photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #dmgetsfit. We will be running awesome giveaways so you don’t want to miss out.

In case you need a little reminder or an extra boost of motivation check out great reasons why you should exercise more and eat healthier:

  • Exercise will give you the energy boosts you need to make it through your busy day
  • You’ll be genuinely happier around your kids
  • With healthy eating and exercise you will be more productive
  • You are the best role model for your child. Now is the time to show them how important healthy living can be
  • The more you exercise, the more food you can eat (and who doesn’t want to eat more food!)
  • You’ll live longer-and we know you want to be a part of your children’s lives as long as possible
  • You will experience an increase in sex drive
  • Exercise will help your body to age better

The advantages to paving the way for a healthier lifestyle are endless. Be the example for your children and family and encourage them to take this journey with you. We cannot wait to walk (or run) this road with you!


Ready to get started? Check out the Best Free Apps for the Fitness-Minded Mom!

Photo Credits: The Art Of Making A Baby, Dani

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Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in the middle of nowhere USA with her sweet little boy! She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move or adventure. You can often find her trying to get in her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after her very energetic little boy! She is constantly fueled and energized by her love for healthy eating and occasionally copious amounts of caffeine.

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