How To Renew Your Resolutions

We are well into 2017. Chances are those New Year’s resolutions have come and gone and we are all back to our old ways. In fact, just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. You are not alone if you’ve fallen off whatever wagon you had hitched yourself to on January 1st. The overwhelming majority of resolution makers want to live a healthier lifestyle whether that means losing weight, gaining strength, or just eating a clean diet. If that was you and you just hit a fast food drive thru for lunch today, don’t give up. You can get back on track and renew your resolutions. Here are some ideas to help you meet your goals.

Simplify Your Goals

Many resolutions fail because they are too broad or too challenging. If you suffer from health issues caused by being overweight or eating an unhealthy diet and your goal is “to become healthier”, that can seem overwhelming. You have no real goal to shoot towards. You have no way to measure your progress. We know when it comes to changing your health, just having a weight loss goal isn’t helpful because pounds lost isn’t an indicator of overall health. Pick a concrete behavior you can work on every day. You need a measurable goal. If you are trying to be healthier overall, make your goal this year to eat a nutritious and clean diet. A diet change is a very concrete goal. It can be measured by tracking what you buy and consume. If you eat cupcakes, that is very clearly not part of a nutritious and clean diet. You can see that easily and can adjust accordingly. Don’t eat the cupcakes. Have a piece of organic fruit when you are craving something sweet instead. By focusing on this one simplified goal, you will achieve more toward your overall health than if you fret over your health in general.

Pick a Solution That Makes Sense

Often the problem with switching to clean eating is that clean eating isn’t as budget friendly or convenient as eating processed junk. It can be absolutely overwhelming to put together a healthy breakfast that will give you the energy you need when you are used to eating a muffin you pick up at the coffee shop next to your office. How much protein do you need? What foods are clean? Do you really need to get organic? We’ve discovered a solution to this problem that makes sense, and that solution is called Orgain.

Orgain is an incredible company that makes eating healthy easier than going through a drive thru for a gross burger. This solution makes sense and will work if you are trying to be healthier this year. Orgain was created by a doctor who is also a cancer survivor who realized the nutrition shakes that doctor’s recommended were actually full of ingredients that were terrible for his body. He wanted to help in the healing process by giving his body the best nutrition possible. With the help of his wife, a holistic nutritionist, Dr. Abraham created Orgain, nutrition based off clean proteins and ingredients that nourish the body. There are no hormones, no antibiotics, and no pesticide and herbicide residues. All Orgain products are Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, and free of all artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. There are also vegan options, and all Orgain products are made in the USA.

To create Orgain products, four rules are followed:

  1. Start with Clean Protein.
  2. Ensure Great Taste.
  3. Use The Highest Quality Ingredients.
  4. Make It Convenient.

The Abraham’s understand that life is hectic and having wholesome choices to grab on the go can be the solution when solving a problem you have with unhealthy eating. Orgain makes nutritional shakes for adults and kids, protein powders, meal powders, and protein bars. This is the solution if you want to “gain health, gain energy, gain life.” If you have a goal to live healthier this year, you can meet that goal by changing the foods you put into your body. The solution is Orgain, doctor developed, organic nutrition. Give it a try and we know you will see results.

Examine Your Motivation

You will not meet any goal if you are not working toward it for the right reasons. Don’t change your life for anyone but yourself. Don’t say you want to eat a healthy diet because of how you look in a bathing suit. Honestly, you should wear a bathing suit no matter what you look like, and if you are going to a pool or the beach, you are going to whether you meet your resolution of healthy living or not.

Are you worried about having your body summer ready? Please read 3 Things You Should Tell Yourself Before Getting Into Your Swimsuit.

You need to be intrinsically motivated. Your motivation must come from inside of you. Are you genuinely concerned for your body and health because you want to live a full life and have more energy? Great! That is a beautiful reason to make a change. Don’t make a change because the guy you’re dating follows a bunch of skinny girls on Instagram. Don’t make a change because of body shamers or the unrealistic standards put on all our bodies. Change for you and change for your future. That is the kind of motivation that will keep you going all year long.

As you can see, with achievable goals, solutions that actually work, and the right kind of motivation, you can achieve your New Year’s resolution or make any change in your life! Don’t give up on yourself. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, make one change at a time and give yourself some grace to adjust to the changes. If you can stick to your new goals and game plan, come December, you will look back on 2017 as your healthiest year ever.

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References: Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions

Photo Credits: Orgain, EveryAvenueGirl, Pixabay

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